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Are safes waterproof? Why you might need one.

When it comes down to safes, customers usually know that they can be fireproof. However, the ability to withstand water is somewhat different. So the question – “are safes waterproof” is pretty common. The answer is simple:

Unless they are specifically made to be water-resistant, then no. At the same time, there are plenty of models that do provide a certain level of protection against water. If you are interested in a heavy-duty solution, which will preserve your valuables in case of emergency – look for ETL Waterproof Verified safe.

What is ETL Waterproof Verified safe?

ETL is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. They give various products a certification mark – ETL Verified.  It shows that a certain product has met a set of design and performance standards. This also applies to water resistant qualities.

Simply read the detailed safe documentation. A high quality model will have a mark like this – ETL Verified for X number of hours of protection in water up to X number of inches. For example – 24 hours of protection in water up to 8 inches.


Why using a waterproof safe?

Well, there are mainly 2 reasons. The first one would be the local threat of floods. If your residency is in the part of the country where floods are common or at least happen from time to time, then it would be a good idea to secure your belongings.

The second reason goes hand in hand with house fire accidents. If the fire breaks having a fireproof safe maybe not enough. Because when the firefighters arrive and do their job your home is probably goon get soaked in water. And without a proper protection the valuables that survived the fire might get destroyed or damaged by water.



If you want a complete protection against hazardous influence of natural elements, you might want to look for both fire and water resistant safes. Pay attention to special Marks of certification either by UL or ETL.