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Is a fireproof safe worth it?

If you are reading this article then you have probably already decided that you do need a safe. But wondering should you get the fireproof one. We are here to provide an honest answer.

Any safe’s purpose is to secure and protect one’s valuable contents. The better the level of protection the better the safe. Fire resistance is an additional level of protection, which makes it superior, obviously. It safeguards your possessions from fire in addition the initial anti-theft means. It is definitely worth it and here is why.

If you are considering buying the safe then you esteem some of your valuables higher than the price of the safe. It can be a monetary value or you might simply hold something really dear. We all have something we cherish above other things. Usually people tend to keep such assets as IDs and passports, hard cash, jewelry, insurance policy, hard drives, bank and financial documents in safes.

Practically all of these things are going to be damaged or lost in case of a fire accident.  And those happen way to often to ignore the risk. According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) a fire department in the United States responds to a fire emergency every 24 seconds. A staggering number indeed. Around $23 billion in property damage occurred because of fire in 2017 alone. So securing your assets against this danger is not only a sound idea but also a necessary precaution.

It becomes even more obvious in regions that are highly susceptible to house fires. Statistics show that South and Midwest parts of USA have 5.4 fires per thousand people. These are the highest overall rates. But of course we have to take into account the intentional fires as well. No one is really secured against them but it is on use to properly prepare to mitigate the damage.

A fireproof safe of appropriate quality will protect your valuables in case of these scenarios. The cost of a couple hundred dollars it is practically always much lower than the value of the things you keep inside.

fireproof safes are worth it


You are the one to decide what to keep in your safe. And if you feel like you need one, consider getting a fire resistant product. A Risk and Reward ratio does suggests you should. Why even take a chance to lose it all?