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Do not be a part of these 2022 US Fires statistics:

Civilian fire deaths
Billions in property damage
Number of Home fires

Reviews Of The Best Safes You can Buy

Are you looking for a big gun safe? Or maybe you want to get small fireproof safe for cash to securely keep it at home? There’s more than plenty of models to choose from. Some made by well-known Brands and some are produced by obscure companies.

We have reviews of all types of safes, mainly focusing on models from brands that earned their reputation and who have proven their products can be trusted. Check out our Fireproof Safes Reviews.

Safes Reviews

Best Fireproof Safes of 2024 – For Home & Office

Hollon HS-500E 2-Hour Home Safe - Best most affordable Fireproof safe in 2024

Hollon HS-500E 2-Hour Rated Safe

Gardall 1812 2-Hour Burglary & Fireproof Safe  - Best in 2024

Gardall 2-Hour U.L. Rated Fireproof Safe 1812

Best Most Secure Fireproof Safe for Home use in 2024 - American Security TL-30 Safe (CF1814 AmVault)

American Security TL-30 Safe (CF1814 AmVault)

For Office

Best Fireproof Safe for Office Use 2024 - Most Affordable

Hollon HS-750E 2-Hour Rated Office Safe

Best Fireproof Safe for Office in 2024 - Hollon HS 880c (Best price-quality ratio)

Hollon HS-880C 2-Hour Rated Office Safe

Best spacious Fireproof Safe for Office in  2024: Phoenix – 4 Drawer Vertical Fireproof File Cabinet with Water Seal (LGL4W31)

Phoenix 4 Drawer Fireproof File Cabinet

Common mistakes people make when buying fireproof safes

Many misconceptions and myths have accumulated around fireproof products over the years. This can often lead to people making bad decisions when choosing a safe for their home. We are talking about things like:

  • Not choosing the right fire rating
  • Not considering water resistance
  • Buying a safe that is too small or too big
  • Not comparing different models
  • Not knowing enough about locking mechanisms
  • Trusting the unproven manufacturers or retailers

Choose the right fireproof safe for your needs

Our team has the expertise and decade long experience in both security and firefighting fields. With the information we provide you can easily choose the fireproof safe that meets your personal requirements. Why spending too much on a safe that is mediocre at best? We want you to get the product that is a perfect fit for your needs. And the one that won’t break your budget. Just check our honest guides and charts to get the right information.

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Are Fireproof File Cabinets Also Waterproof

Are Fireproof File Cabinets Also Waterproof?

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