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We at Totally Fireproof serve one goal is to help you protect yourself and your property

Check our guidelines, explore the best fireproof products and solutions. Secure your most valuable possessions.

Do not be a part of these 2021 Fires statistics:

Deaths in Unites States
$ Billion in property damage
Number of fires in US

What are fireproof safes and How they can help

Fireproof safes are reliable and durable storage containers that can protect your most important belongings from damage or loss in the event of a fire, burglary attempt, flooding and other accidents. They are designed to safeguard your valuables from a wide range of threats even when you are not around.

You can store and secure your important documents, cash, jewelry, watches, hard drives, collectibles, photos, USB sticks and electronics in them. And apart from mitigating possible loss you get probably the most important value – a peace of mind. Because with a quality model you won’t have to worry about your items.

Different types of fireproof Safes

If you ever searched for safes online, you must have seen that there’s plenty of models available. There are different types of safes you can choose from. There are safes for home and office use. All the safes can be further categorized by their size, fireproof capabilities, waterproof features, anti-theft measures, prices.

You have fireproof safes for documents, for jewelry, for electronics, for cash, for medicine, family heirlooms. There’s a model for any need basically. The real challenge is to select a good safe.

Top Safe Reviews

Our goal and how we want to assist you

Having this vast range of fireproof products can be overwhelming. Especially if don’t have previous experience with them. But don’t worry, we do. Our team has the expertise and decade long experience in both security and firefighting fields.

That’s why we categorize and reviews all these fireproof safes for you. Here at you can read objective and comprehensive reviews on all types of safes. We continuously examine and thoroughly review the best models on the market to create unbiased charts of the Top fireproof cabinets, boxes, chests, guns safes and other fire-resistant containers.

We do all this so that you don’t have to spend your time trying to figure out what safe is actually good and what brand can be trusted. We analyze all aspects of what makes a good safe really great and where they may be lacking. And we freely share our result with you.

Common mistakes people make when buying fireproof safes

Many misconceptions and faulty beliefs have accumulated around fireproof products over the years. This can often lead to people making bad decisions when choosing a safe for their home. The most common mistakes include:

  • Not choosing the right fire rating
  • Not considering water resistance
  • Buying a safe that is too small or too big
  • Not comparing different models
  • Not knowing enough about locking mechanisms
  • Trusting the unproven manufacturers or retailers

And that’s we want to help you. You can rely on our experience and make the right choice by following out guides and out review

How to choose the right fireproof safe for your needs

With the information we provide you can easily choose the fireproof safe that meets your personal requirements. Why spending too much, or in some cases not enough? We want you to get the product that is a perfect fit for your needs and your budget. Read our up to date, clear and honest guides to make the right and informed decision

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