How Heavy Is a Gun Safe? What's the Average Weight?

How Heavy Is a Gun Safe? Average Weight

Wondering how heavy a gun safe is? They range from 200 to 1,500 pounds, depending on size and features. Whether you need easy-to-move security or maximum protection, there’s a safe for you.

On average, mid range gun safe typically weighs around 700 pounds (317 kg). A good quality larger model on average weights at 1000 pounds (453 kg).

Let’s find the perfect balance of weight and security for your needs.

Average Gun Safe Weight

Gun safes vary in weight. They can be as light as 200 pounds or as heavy as 1500 pounds. This difference depends on size, materials, and features.

Entry-level safes are lighter, weighing 200-500 pounds. Mid-range safes are heavier, at 600-1,000 pounds. The high-end safes top the scale at 1,000-1,500 pounds.

On average, a decent quality gun safe typically weighs around 700 pounds. But if you have a large collection or want a top notch security features the weight of such safe usually starts at 1000 pounds.

Minimum and Maximum Weight of a Gun Safe

The weight of gun safes can significantly vary. The smallest and lightest safes start at about 200 pounds. These models can cover basic security needs.

On the other end, the heaviest safes reach up to 1,500 pounds. These are designed for maximum protection and include fire resistance.

This range accommodates different types of firearms, from handguns to large rifle collections, ensuring there’s a safe for every requirement.

Key Factors That Determine the Weight

When we talk about what makes a gun safe heavy, there are several key factors to consider, each playing a significant role in the final weight.

The Size of a Safe

Size is a primary factor. For example, a small safe might weigh around 200 pounds, suitable for handguns and small valuables. While larger safes designed to store multiple rifles and additional equipment can easily weigh over 1,000 pounds. The more space you need, the more metal is involved, and consequently, the heavier the safe becomes.

Steel Thickness – Gauge

Steel thickness is another crucial element. Safes made with 6-gauge steel are significantly heavier and more secure than those made with 14-gauge steel. The thickness of the steel not only adds to the weight but also to the safe’s ability to withstand attempts at forced entry and its overall durability.


Fireproofing materials contribute to the weight as well. A safe that comes with 60 minutes of fire protection has layers of fire-resistant materials. These materials can add a substantial amount of weight, often several hundred pounds, compared to a safe with minimal fireproofing.

Design Features

Lastly, design features impact the weight. A safe with interior shelving, lighting, and advanced locking mechanisms will be heavier than a more basic model. For example, a safe with a digital lock and internal LED lighting might weigh an additional 30 to 50 pounds more than a safe without these features, due to the extra materials and components required.

Pros and Cons of Each Weight Category

Entry-Level Gun Safes (200-500 pounds)

Easy to move: Ideal for renters or those who frequently relocate. Installation and movement are simpler.Lower security: Easier for thieves to move or tamper with. May not offer as much protection against forced entry.
Flexible placement: Can be placed in various locations within a home, including upstairs or in smaller spaces.Limited fire protection: Often have less fireproofing material, resulting in lower fire resistance.

Mid-Range Safes (600-1,000 pounds)

Enhanced security: Thicker steel and better locking mechanisms increase resistance to break-ins.Requires more space: The larger size and weight limit placement options.
Good balance of weight and protection: Offers a reasonable level of fire protection without being overly heavy.Challenging to move: More secure but harder to relocate without professional help.

High-End Safes (1,000-1,500 pounds)

Maximum security: Utilize the thickest steel and most advanced locking mechanisms for top-level break-in resistance.Significantly heavier: The weight makes them very difficult to move and may require professional installation.
Best fire protection: Equipped with the highest amount of fireproofing material, offering superior fire resistance.Requires substantial space: Their size and weight demand dedicated space, limiting placement options.
Ideal for large collections: Designed to store and protect a large number of firearms and valuables securely.Higher cost: The premium features and materials increase the price point compared to lighter safes.


Today you can find a gun safe of any weight and size. Light safes are easy to move, great for small spaces but offer less protection. Mid-weight safes balance security and fire safety but need more room. Heavy safes protect best but are hard to move and take up space. It all depends on what you need it for.

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