Gardall 2218 2-hour Fire & Burglary Rated Safe Review

Gardall 2218 2-Hour Fire & Burglary Rated Safe Review

If you are looking for a compact reliable, secure and robust safe that can not only protect your valuables from theft and burglary but also safeguard from fire, the Gardall 2218 2-hour Fire & Burglary Rated Safe may be the perfect choice. Made by Gardall, a respected name in the safe industry this model combines excellent build quality, certified fireproof and anti-burglary ratings and a competitive price tag.

Weather you are looking at this model as a potential security storage at residential or business environments, this review will help you make the informed decision. We base our evaluation on years of experience and analysis of hundreds of safes.

Gardall 2218 2-hour Fire & Burglary Rated Safe - Sandstone Color
Gardall 2218 2-hour Fire & Burglary Rated Safe - Sandstone Color - 2
Gardall 2218 2-hour Fire & Burglary Rated Safe - Granite Color 2

Safe Ratings:

Fireproof Rating0/10
Lock Mechanism0/10
Security Features0/10


  • UL Certified 2-Hour Fireproof Rating, tested at 1850°F
  • UL-listed Group II high-security lock (mechanical/electronic options)
  • Thick door with anti-pry design for enhanced security
  • Five active bolts lock in three directions
  • Various safe color options
  • Competitive price


  • 525 lbs weight may require professional installation
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Key Specifications

Here are the key specifications of the Gardall 2218 2-hour Fire & Burglary Rated Safe:

Exterior Dimensions29.25" H x 23.25" W x 25.75" D (add 2" for dial and handle)
Interior Dimensions22" H x 18" W x 17.75" D
Volume7029 Cubic Inches
Weight525 lbs
Fire Rating2 hours at 1850°F
Lock TypeUL listed Group II high security lock, mechanical or electronic locks available

The safe's dimensions and weight reflect its substantial build, aimed at providing enhanced security and fire protection. The inclusion of two shelves offers organizational flexibility, and the impressive fire rating underlines the safe's capability to protect contents in extreme conditions.

Fireproof Features

The Gardall 2218 Fire & Burglary safe has standout fireproof capabilities. It provides significant protection against extreme heat. Here are the key fireproof features of this safe:

  • Fireproof Rating: The safe has a 2-hour fire-resistant reting. It has been tested to withstand temperatures of up to 1850°F for a duration of 2 hours. During these tests, the internal temperature of the safe remained below 350°F, indicating excellent insulation and fire resistance capabilities.
  • UL Certification: The fire rating of this safe is UL certified, meaning it has been independently tested and verified by Underwriters Laboratories, a trusted name in product safety testing and certification.
  • Implications of the Fire Rating: This level of fire resistance is significant. It means that the safe can protect important documents, digital media, and other sensitive items from fire damage in most residential and commercial fire scenarios.

The Gardall 2218's fireproof features make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a safe that offers superior protection against high temperatures. We can confidently rate is 9 out of 10 in this department.

Security Features

The Gardall 2218 2-hour Fire & Burglary Rated Safe offers a comprehensive array of security features designed to protect against various forms of burglary attempts. Here are the key security features:

  • Thick Door and Walls: The safe features a thick 4¼” door with a recessed anti-pry design and 2½” thick walls, providing substantial resistance to unauthorized access and prying attempts.
  • Multiple Locking Bolts: It includes five active bolts that lock in three directions, with each bolt being 1” in diameter. These massive bolts extend deep into the safe's body, ensuring a high level of security.
  • Center Bolt Down Hole: For additional security, the safe has a center bolt-down hole (with included hardware) to anchor it firmly in place, deterring physical removal.
  • High-Security Lock: The safe is equipped with a UL-listed Group II high-security lock, available in both mechanical and electronic options, providing robust protection against lock picking and other forms of lock manipulation.
  • Burglary and Fire Label: It has both UL 2-hour fire label and UL RSC (Residential Security Container) burglary label, indicating its ability to withstand burglary attacks for a period of up to 5 minutes with various tools.
  • Additional Security Measures: Other features include a solid chrome-plated handle with a shear point to prevent forced opening by handle attack, an independent re-locker, and a hard plate to prevent drilling attacks on the locking mechanism.

Security Features Summary Table:

Security Features of Gardall 2218 2-hour Fire & Burglary Rated Safe

Locking Mechanism

The Gardall 2218 Fire & Burglary Rated safe is equipped with a highly secure locking mechanism, essential for any reliable safe. Here's a brief overview of the lock and its characteristics:

  • Type of Lock: The safe features a UL-listed Group II high-security lock. Customers have the option to choose between a mechanical lock and an electronic lock, catering to different user preferences and security needs.
  • Mechanical Lock: The standard option is a high-quality S&G mechanical lock, renowned for its durability and reliability. It operates with a traditional 3-number combination, offering a time-tested method of secure access.
  • Electronic Lock: As an alternative, the safe can be equipped with a SecuRam high-security electronic lock. This lock is UL-approved and is known for its high quality, providing a modern and convenient way to secure the safe.
  • Additional Security Features: Regardless of the chosen lock type, both are protected by internal security measures. These include a spring-loaded re-locker and a hardened steel hard plate. In the event of a drilling attack, the hard plate resists drilling, and the re-locker adds an extra layer of security by preventing the bolt work from opening if the lock is tampered with.
Group 2 Lock of Gardall 2218 2-hour Fire & Burglary Rated Safe

Table Summarizing Locking Mechanism Features:

 Gardall 2218 2-hour Fire & Burglary Rated Safe

Build Quality and Additional Features

Build Quality and Additional Features:

The Gardall 2218 2-hour Fire & Burglary Rated Safe exhibits excellent build quality and includes several additional features that enhance its functionality and user experience:

  • Build Quality: The safe's robust construction is evident in its thick doors and walls, made to resist both burglary attempts and extreme fire conditions. The use of quality materials in its build underscores its durability and reliability.
  • Interior Features: Inside the safe, there is a plush suede-like interior, designed to protect jewelry and valuables from scratches and damage. This thoughtful addition adds a layer of protection for delicate items.
  • Style and Aesthetics: The safe has a professional and sleek appearance, finished in a textured paint. This aesthetic makes it suitable for a variety of settings, from business environments to personal spaces.
  • Functionality: It includes two shelves, offering flexibility in organizing stored items. These shelves can be adjusted or removed according to the user’s storage needs.
  • Mounting and Installation: The safe features a center bolt-down hole, with the necessary hardware included. This allows for easy and secure installation, adding an extra level of security by anchoring the safe in place.


The Gardall 2218 comes with a limited warranty that adds an extra layer of confidence for the buyer. The safe is covered by a one-year limited warranty from Gardall. For the coverage scope and details of Additional Warranty for Fire you should ask the retailer selling the safe.


The pricing of the Gardall 2218 2-hour Fire & Burglary safe makes it a strong competitor on a saturated market. The retails price puts it in a upper echelon of safes, but you can currently find this model with a discount at official retailer.

  • Retail Price: Originally, the Gardall 2218 was priced at $3,050.00, which positions it in a higher price bracket, reflecting its premium features and robust build.
  • Current Price: The safe is currently available at a reduced price of $2,287.50. This reduction represents a significant saving of $762.50, equivalent to a 25.0% discount off the retail price.
  • Value Assessment: Considering the safe's advanced fireproof and security features, along with its build quality and brand reputation, the current price offers good value. The reduction from the original retail price makes it more accessible, potentially providing an excellent cost-to-feature balance for both business and personal users.

Final Verdict

Is Gardall 2218 2-hour Fire & Burglary Rated Safe any good?

Without a doubt, Gardall 2218 Fire & Burglary safe is a reliable, tough and secure storage solution. It combines very strong 2-Hour UL certified fire protection with substantial security features. UL RSC burglary rating is a testament of the safe's advanced robust built quality.

Considering its current price this model offers good value for its features.

Overall Score: 8.75/10

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