What safe has the highest fireproof rating
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Safe with the Highest Fireproof Rating

If you want to protect your cash, documents, passports or maybe jewelry, then a fireproof safe is your optimal choice. When choosing one you should pick the model with the highest fire rating possible that fits your budget. After all fireproof ratings are the most important indicator of a safe’s ability to withstand extreme heat and flames.

Check this short Fire Ratings Guide, if you want to know more.

But what fire rating is enough for a fireproof safe? What is the highest fire-resistant rating that a safe can have? And what safe has the highest fire rating?

Typically, a safe with 1 hour fire rating provides a sufficient protection from heat damages. Now, 2-hour fireproof safes are the ones that truly offer a piece of mind, as it’s a big step up in protection level. But if you need a literal anti-fire fortress, you can get a 3-hour related fireproof safe.  These are rare and harder to find, as there’s less demand for such protection. But you can still order them. Let’s have a closer look at one of them.

What is the Minimum Fire Rating for a Safe?

The minimum fire rating for a safe starts from 30-minutes. Depending on your needs it might be enough. But such rating grants only a basic protection of paper documents. For more valuable and sensitive items, it’s advisable to choose safes with higher fire ratings.

What is the Maximum fire rating for a Safe?

The maximum fire rating for a safe is typically around 2 hours. Most high-quality, reliable models manufactured by well-recognized brands have this rating. Such safes can endure intense flames for up to 120 minutes while maintaining the interior temperature at a level that won’t harm your belongings.

However, you can get a safe with even higher fire ratings. There are 2.5 hour and even 3 hour rated ones. A good example would be Liberty Gun Safe – National Security Magnum Series 50, which offers a fire rating of 2.5 hours at 1200°F.

What is the Safe with Highest Fireproof Rating on the Market?

If you need extreme level of defense against possible fire hazards, take a look at DM2513 Fire King safe.

3 HOUR FIRE rated safe - DM2513 Fire King
3-HOUR FIRE rated safe - DM2513 Fire King
3 hours Fire rated safe - DM2513 Fire King

This safe stands out because it offers 3-hour fireproof protection rating. This remarkable model is usually built on order. It’s engineered to withstand temperatures of up to 1925°F (1051°C), with the interior temperature staying less than 125°F(52°C). This means that all types of your valuables and not only paper items will remain unscathed even in the most extreme fire scenarios.

Where can you purchase this safe?

You can order DM2513 Fire King safe from reputable retailers specializing in fireproof safes. Regular online marketplaces and local stores may nor have this model.  You can check the availability and price here at Gun Safes:


When it comes to safes with highest fire-resistant capabilities , Fire King DM2513 is one of a very few models that boasts a remarkable UL Class 125 3-Hour Fire and Impact Rating. Investing in a safe with such high fireproof defense should provide you with the utmost confidence that your valuable possessions will remain undamaged in the event of a fire emergency.

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