Best Fireproof Safes for Storing Cash

Best Fireproof Safes for Storing Cash

Paper money (cash) burns extremely easy. Just like any other paper material it is highly flammable. So naturally you would want to keep it safe and secure in case of any fire accident and emergency.

This is when a Fireproof safe can be the best solution. Not only such safe can protect your valuable cash and other documents from fire, but it will also be just as good for safeguarding against theft or burglary.

Best Fireproof Safe for storing cash is the one that combines such features as Fire-resistance with high Anti-burglary mechanics.

But how fireproof is a fireproof safe? And what kind of fireproof safe should you get to safely store paper money? In this article, we will answer all these questions based on the latest research data and years of firefighters and a safe enthusiasts experience.

What is a Fireproof Safe?

A quick explanation of what a fireproof safe is. It is a type of safe that is specifically designed to resist high temperatures. Thus, Fireproof safe can prevent its contents from burning and being damaged in case of a fire accident at your home or office. Such safes usually have a fire rating that indicates how long and how well they can protect its contents from fire damage.

A fire rating is usually shown in hours (e.g., 1-hour, 2-hours) and the outside temperature e.g., 1700°F (~927°C), 1850°F(~1010°C).

The outside temperature numbers indicated what the safe can withstand WHILE keeping its internal temperature withing a certain limit – e.g., 125°F(~52°C), 350°F (~177°C). This inside temperature limit determines what you can safely keep inside and not worry about the fire.

An important note is that a fireproof safe can also have a water-resistant rating. This rating indicates how long and how well the safe can protect its contents from water damage. A water rating is usually shown in hours (e.g., 24-hours, 48-hours) and the depth (e.g., 8 inches (~20 cm), 3 feet (~91 cm)).

These numbers indicate for how long a safe can keep the water from getting inside, and to what depth it can be submerged while still keeping its contents safe.

What Safe Will Protect Cash from Burning

Because cash or paper in general starts to burn at the temperatures of 424°F – 475°F (218-246 °C) the fireproof safe should have UL Class 350 rating at least.

Why UL Class 350 in particular? Because the temperature inside such model will not go higher than 350°F (175°C) which is lower than the paper ignition limit.  This rating means you can safely secure your cash and other documents inside.

With UL Class 350 rating the safe can be subjected to external temperatures of over 1700°F (~ 927°C), and the temperature inside the box will still not go higher than 350°F (~ 175°C).

However, you should keep in mind that there are several factors that can affect the performance of a fireproof safe and thus directly impact the safety of your paper money inside.

Factors That Affect Fireproof Safe Reliability

The quality of the safe. There are various brands and manufacturers that produce fireproof safes. Some tend to perform better than others. Let’s be honest here – not all fireproof safes are created equal. Some are made with cheap materials or poor craftsmanship, which will compromise their fire resistance qualities.   

In some cases, certain brands even use flawed ratings that do not reflect their products’ actual performance. Thus you should always buy a fireproof safe from a reputable brand and authorized dealer. For example, safes made by HOLLON, an American manufacturer that specializes in fire protection products. We also advise to check the reviews and ratings of the safe before making the purchase.

The intensity, the duration and the spread of the fire. Not all fires are the same and conditions may vary. For example, there are often uneven hot spots that may form around the safe, and the temperature in such particular spots may peak higher. 

An average temperature during a house fire is around 1150°F(600°C) in hotter spots, i.e. roof and ceiling. And it is typically lower at floor levels, around 220°F (100°C). Some fire accidents may involve flammable liquids or gases that can increase the heat and pressure for a time.

That’s why we advise you to always follow the safety precautions and installation regulations from the manufacturer.

The location and proper installation. As pointed out in the previous paragraph not all places are well suited for placing a fireproof safe. Some are more exposed to heat or water than others. Poor ventilation or insulation can negatively affect the temperature or humidity inside the safe. Some places may have weak or unstable structures around that can collapse during a fire. That’s why you should always choose a location that is away from potential sources of heat or water (e.g., stoves, heaters, pipes, sinks etc.)

It is also best to choose a location that is hidden or discreet. Consider a closet, a cabinet or a basement for this purpose. You should also install the safe properly -using bolts or anchors to secure it to the floor or wall.

The condition and packaging of the contents. As we are looking into the safes best suited for storing cash it is definitely worth takin into account the condition and packaging of your paper money.Not all banknotes are in good shape. You have undoubtedly seen old and worn-out cash yourself.  When in such a bad shape it becomes more flammable. Wet or damp cash on the other hand that can make money more prone to mold.

We recommend you to keep cash in good condition by storing them flat and dry in envelopes.

How to Choose a Fireproof Safe for Cash

When choosing a fireproof safe for cash, there are several factors to consider:

Size and capacity. Depending on how much cash you want to store in it, you might need a bigger or smaller safe. Simply measure the dimensions and the weight of your cash beforehand and compare them with the dimensions of the safe you are looking to buy. Why getting a heavy model which is difficult to move or install if there’s no need in such size, right?

Another useful tip that people forget about – think about how often you need to access your cash and how easy it is to open and close the safe door. If you are going to be opening your safe regularly, choose the one that will fit your cash comfortably and has some spare space inside.

Fire-resistance rating. The fireproof rating shows how long and how well it can protect your cash from fire damage. The rating is usually expressed in terms of the testing standards and certifications (e.g., UL, ETL, ASTM) that the safe has been a subject to. It’s better to choose a rating that matches or exceeds the fire risk in your area.

But be sure to choose a safe with at least UL Class 350 rating (or adequate analogue). If you would like to increase the safety of your paper assets you can choose UL Class 125 rated safes as they provide an even better fire resistance.

Locking mechanism. You should choose a locking mechanism according to your preferences and needs. The locking mechanism can be either mechanical (like a key or a combination) or electronic (like keypad or bio-metric scanner). Each has its benefits and downsides (e.g., battery life, backup options, override keys, warranty etc.) 

Best Fireproof Safes For Storing Cash

If you are looking for a fireproof safe that combines the benefits and features mentioned above, check out these reliable models that you can buy today in US. The specific models we selected offer a wide range of must-have features, including fireproof rating, impact resistance, different sizes and prices. There are also options for free shipping and official warranty!

In our research we have compared hundreds of fire-resistant safes, analyzing their specifications, ratings, real customer reviews and examining manufacturers.

SafeSizeDimensions (HxWxD)Fire ResistanceLocking MechanismPriceWeight
Hollon HS-310D 2 Hour Home Safe0.53 cubic feet11 3/4” x 16 1/2” x 14” (exterior) 8” x 12 1/3”x 9 2/7” (interior)2 hours at 1850°FDial lock $334.0081 lbs.
Hollon HS-880C 2-Hour Office Safe3.61 cubic feet32” x 23 1/4”x 21 3/4” (exterior)
26 2/9”x 17 5/9”x 13 4/7”(interior)
2 hours at 1700°FS&G Type 1 electronic lock or Group 2 dial lock (Made in USA)$1,186.00374 lbs.
Hollon FB-1054C Fire and Burglary Safe9.7 cubic feet41 1/2” x 28” x 29” (exterior)
35 ½” x 22” x 21 1/2” (interior)
2 hours at 1700°FDial combination lock with glass re-locker$2,574.00748 lbs.
Top 3 Fireproof safes for keeping paper money protected from fire

These are just some examples of the best fireproof safes for storing cash that you can get. Feel free to explore other options presented at Armadillo Safe and Vault, who are an authorized dealer for HOLLON safes in US. Check their website for more models and detailed description.

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Also feel free to check our list of the Best Safes for Home and Office in 2024.

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