Best place to keep your gun safe

Best Place to Keep Your Gun Safe

Choosing the perfect location for your gun safe is more than just a storage decision; it’s a critical step in responsible gun ownership and ensuring home safety.

The best place to put the sage at home depends on you preferences and needs. In short, if you don’t need to hide the safe and want to have quick access to it, bedroom is the optimal choice. And if you want to keep the safe hidden and away from view, the basement works great.

If you want to know what the most suitable places to keep your gun safe are, this guide will help you. We explain all the options, considering balance of accessibility, security, and discretion in gun safe placement. From garages to bedrooms, each with its unique benefits and considerations.

Reasons Why You Need to Hide Your Gun Safe

Choosing the perfect location for your gun safe is more than just a storage decision. It is a beneficial step for every responsible gun owner. And everyone interested in ensuring home safety.

If you want to know what the best places to keep your gun safe are, this guide will help you. We explain all the options, considering balance of accessibility, security, and discretion in gun safe placement. From garages to bedrooms, each with its unique benefits and considerations.

Reasons Why You Need to Hide Your Gun Safe

As a gun owner you must always prioritize firearm safety, especially at home. Hiding your gun safe is not just about concealing your firearms. It’s about safeguarding your household and ensuring the responsible use and storage of weapons. Here are key reasons for hiding your gun safe:

  1. Preventing Unauthorized Access: Keeping guns out of reach of children and untrained individuals is a fundamental aspect of firearm safety. A hidden gun safe significantly reduces the risk of accidental injuries or misuse.
  2. Theft Deterrence: A visible gun safe can attract unwanted attention, making it a target for theft. Concealing the safe minimizes this risk, providing an additional layer of home security.
  3. Maintaining Privacy: As a responsible gun ownership practice, it’s essential to keep your firearms discreet. This privacy ensures that only those who need to know about the safe’s contents and location are aware.
  4. Emergency Accessibility: Strategically hidden gun safes, like a bedside gun safe for example, ensures quick access in case of an emergency.
  5. Compliance with Legal Requirements: In many jurisdictions, firearm security tips include mandates for secure storage. Concealed gun safes help comply with these regulations, ensuring safekeeping firearms at home.

Best Places to Keep Your Gun Safe

Best Places to keep a guns safe

When considering the placement of a gun safe, it’s fair to say that gun safes are often large and require suitable space. Knowing this, here are optimal locations:

  1. Garage: An excellent spot for a garage gun safe, providing ample space. It’s out of the main living area, reducing the risk of accidents while still accessible.
  2. Basement: A basement gun safe offers a discreet and secure location. Its out-of-sight nature adds to security and it typically has enough space to accommodate larger safes.
  3. Living Room: A living room can house a wall-mounted gun safe or a standing cabinet. It blends with the decor while ensuring the firearm is within reach.
  4. Bedroom: Ideal for a closet gun safe. Although under-the-bed placement isn’t feasible for larger safes, closets can provide enough space and accessibility.

Let’s see how all these locations match against each other and what advantages they have.


The garage is often chosen for its spaciousness and separation from living areas. It is indeed a highly suitable and popular option for gun safe placement. This choice offers a balance between accessibility and discreetness, aligning well with the principles of responsible gun storage and home security.

Keeping a gun safe in the garage
Space Availability: Ample space for larger gun safes.Environmental Factors: Susceptible to temperature and humidity changes.
Privacy: Less traffic from guests ensures more privacy.Security Risk: Potential vulnerability to burglaries if not adequately secured.
Ease of Access: Convenient for accessing firearms in relation to external entry and exit points.Distance from Bedrooms: Less ideal for emergency situations due to its location away from sleeping areas.
Reduced Interior Impact: Preserves home aesthetics by keeping the safe out of living areas.


The basement is a go-to spot for many when it comes to storing a gun safe. Its appeal lies in being out of the main traffic areas of the home, providing a discreet and secure location that’s often overlooked.

Keeping a gun safe in the basement
Reduced Visibility: Basements are typically private areas, not frequently visited by guests.Accessibility Issues: In an emergency, reaching the basement can be time-consuming.
Spacious: Ample room for larger safes, without intruding into living spaces.Risk of Flooding: Basements are prone to flooding, which can damage the safe and its contents.
Environmental Stability: Often maintains a more consistent temperature and humidity compared to other areas.Humidity Concerns: Despite general stability, some basements may have higher humidity levels, potentially harming firearms.

Living Room

The living room, often the heart of a home, is a common choice for gun safe placement. It offers the advantage of having firearms within reach, especially in social or communal areas.

Keeping a gun safe in the living room
Immediate Accessibility: Quick access in case of emergencyHigher Visibility to Guests: Could raise security concerns or curiosity
Visibility for Supervision: Easy to monitor if you spend a lot of time in the living area.Space Constraints: May intrude into living space, especially in smaller homes.
Integration with interior design: Some safes can be designed to blend seamlessly with living room furniture.Potential Safety Risks: Increased risk of unauthorized access, particularly if the room is often used by children or visitors.


Placing a gun safe in the bedroom is a practical choice for many, mainly for the convenience and quick access it offers during night-time or emergencies.

Keeping a gun safe in the bedroom
Quick Access: Essential during emergencies, particularly at night when response time is critical.Limited Space: Fitting a large safe in smaller bedrooms can be a challenge, requiring careful planning.
Privacy: The personal nature of bedrooms offers a secure environment, limiting external visibility.Safety Concerns: With children in the house, the bedroom requires stringent safety measures to prevent accidental access.
Ease of Concealment: A bedroom allows for more discreet safe placement options, such as in closets or behind furnishings.

Best Ways to Hide Your Gun Safe

While choosing a smart location for your gun safe is crucial, concealing it effectively is equally important. Doing it will provide added security and peace of mind. Here are some of the best methods to hide your gun safe:

  • Hide in Walls: Integrating safes into wall structures is not only space-efficient but also adds an element of surprise. Concealed behind artworks or fixtures, these safes are virtually invisible to the untrained eye.
  • Put the Safe in the Closet: A closet provides a natural cover, keeping the safe out of sight while maintaining easy access. This is particularly effective in less frequented rooms like a home office or guest room.
  • Disguise Your Gun Safe: Disguising your safe as an everyday furniture piece, such as a bookshelf or cabinet, cleverly masks its presence. This method not only secures the safe but also adds to your room’s décor.


Selecting the right spot for your gun safe, such as a garage, basement, living room, or bedroom, is a pivotal aspect of firearm security and responsible ownership. Each area offers distinct advantages and drawbacks, so it’s vital to weigh factors like ease of access, privacy, environmental conditions, and available space.

Innovative storage solutions, including hidden, wall-mounted, and closet gun safes, further enhance home defense. They not only secure your firearms but also integrate seamlessly into your home’s design.

Remember that it is not all about the placement though, the choice of the right safe is super important. Because sometimes the safe itself can be a target. In some cases burglars can steal the whole safe. Lean more about how to Protect Your Safe from Removal.

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