Do Burglars Break Into Gun Safes?
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Do Burglars Break Into Gun Safes?

Wondering if burglars can break into gun safes? The short answer is:

Yes, burglars do break into gun safes. How fast they can crack it open depends on the quality of the safe. Some are super tough and smart, but most are not.

If you want to keep your guns secure from thieves you must choose the right safe and know a few tricks to keep it even safer. Do not worry, we’ll show you how to pick a strong model, where to put it to scare off thieves, and some cool new tech to protect your guns.

Plus, we’ve got some simple tips to make your safe as secure as it can be turn it into a no-go zone for burglars. Keep reading!

Is It Easy to Break into a Gun Safe?

Can burglars easily break into a gun safe? Well, it really depends on the safe. Some are simple and less secure, easy for a skilled thief with tools. Others are very tough and are literally built like tanks, with thick steel and tricky locks. These are tough for anyone to crack.

Where you put your safe matters too. Hidden and bolted down safes are tougher to mess with than ones that are out in the open.

In short, the best safes take a lot of effort to break into, because of how they’re made and where they’re placed. Do not got for a cheapest safe in the store if you want to be sure your firearms are protected.

Is Your Gun Safe Really Strong?

Wondering if your gun safe is strong enough? Here’s a quick check:

  • Material: Good gun safes are made of thick steel. This makes them tough to break into.
  • Locks: Safes have different locks – keys, codes, or fingerprints. Some are easier to use but make sure yours is hard to crack.
  • Fire and Water: The best safes can handle fire and water. This means they protect your stuff in emergencies.

If it’s made of tough material, can survive fire and water, has a secure lock, and if it is additionally well-placed, then yes!

The Toughest Gun Safes to Crack

When you want the best protection for your guns, you need a super tough safe. Here’s what makes some safes really hard to crack:

Thick Steel: The toughest safes have thick steel walls. It’s like a superhero’s shield against thieves!

Smart Locks: These safes come with locks that are smart. They can read your fingerprint or need a special code. It’s like having a secret handshake that only you know.

Big and Heavy: The best safes are so big and heavy that no one can just walk away with them. It’s like trying to move a mountain!

An example of a good safe would be Remington 40-Gun STS safe.

Remington 40 Gun (STS series) Fireproof Gun Safe - Front view
Remington 40 Gun (STS series) Fireproof Gun Safe - Open Door view
Remington 40 Gun (STS series) Fireproof Gun Safe - Open Door with items

Here’s what makes it good:

Durable 10-gauge Steel ConstructionPrice is higher than lower tier safes
Advanced Locking system by SecuRam 
High Fireproof rating – 2 Hours at 1800°F 
Waterproof rating – 7 days in 2 feet of water 
Heavy weight, no one will carry it away. 
Lifetime warranty 

You can check our Full Review of this model and see the details.

New Tech for Gun Safe Security

Gun safes are getting smarter and safer, thanks to new technology. Nowadays you can add additional measures to protect your firearms and other valuables. Here’s how:

  • Fingerprint Scanners: Just like in spy movies, some safes now open with your fingerprint. Only you can open it, making it super safe.
  • Alarm Systems: Some safes are so smart they can tell you if someone tries to mess with them. They can beep loudly or send a message to your phone.
  • GPS Tracking: Lose your safe? Some have GPS so you can find where it is, just like finding your phone when it’s lost.

Where to Put Your Gun Safe to Scare Off Thieves

Picking the right spot for your gun safe can really help keep thieves away. Read our guide for thorough directions: Best place to keep your gun safe

But in short you should try and follow these tips:

  • Out of Sight: Hide your safe where thieves can’t easily find it. If they can’t see it, they can’t steal it.
  • Hard to Reach Places: Think about spots that are hard to get to. Maybe it’s behind something big or up high. If it’s tough for you to reach, it’s tough for thieves too.
  • Bolt It Down: Once you find the perfect spot, make sure to bolt your safe down. This way, even if they find it, they can’t take it away.

Tips on How to Keep Burglars Away from Your Gun Safe

Keeping your gun safe from burglars isn’t just about where you put it. Here are some easy tips to make your safe even safer:

Make It Invisible: The less people who know you have a safe, the better. Keep it a secret to make it safer.

Use Decoys: Sometimes, having a fake safe can trick thieves. They waste time on the fake while your real safe stays hidden.

Lights and Cameras: Burglars don’t like being seen. Use lights and cameras around your safe area. It’s like having eyes that never blink.

Tips on How to Keep Burglars Away from Your Gun Safe. Install hidden cameras

One more tip – you can use camera decoys just as well. The possible thefts or burglars won’t be able to tell if the cameras are real or turned on. The simple fact they will know about them may very well make them change their mind and stop any attempts.

Check Your Locks: Always make sure your safe is locked tight. A quick check can save you a lot of worry.


Keeping your guns safe from burglars means picking the right safe and being smart about where you put it and how you protect it. Remember, a good gun safe is made of thick steel, has smart locks, and is fireproof. But even the toughest safe needs the right spot in your home to be even safer.

Use technology like fingerprint scanners, alarms, and GPS tracking to keep your safe ahead of thieves. And don’t forget simple tricks like hiding your safe, using lights and cameras, and even having a decoy safe to throw burglars off track.

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