Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 Fireproof Safe Review

Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 Fireproof Safe Review

When it comes to keeping your firearms, important documents, or family heirlooms secure, the Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 is a name that often pops up. In this review, we’re taking a close look at what this safe actually offers. Whether you’re new to buying safes or considering an upgrade, we’ve got you covered with insights and details.

The Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 represents a blend of fireproof features and robust security. But how does it really measure up? Let’s dive in and see if this safe is as good as it sounds.

Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 Fireproof Safe - Black color
Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 Fireproof Safe - Charcoal color
Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 Fireproof Safe - Grey color

Safe Ratings:

Fireproof Rating0/10
Lock Mechanism0/10
Security Features0/10


  • 1.5 hours of fire rating at 1680°F
  • Robust security features
  • Various lock options available
  • Renowned manufacturer reputation
  • Customizable shelving for storage


  • Weight may be an issue for some
  • Higher price range
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Key Specifications

The Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 is a robust safe that combines size, security, and fire protection. Here are its key specifications, strictly based on the information from the provided sources:

Key Specifications of Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 Fireproof Safe

Fireproof Features

The Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 is not just about keeping your items secure from theft; it's also about protecting them from fire. Here's a closer look at its fireproof features:

  • Fireproof Rating: The safe boasts a remarkable fireproof rating of 90 minutes at 1680°F. This high rating ensures that the contents of the safe are well-protected in the event of a fire, providing ample time for firefighting efforts to take place while keeping your valuables secure.
  • ThermaBlock Technology: One of the key aspects of this safe's fire protection is its use of Browning's exclusive ThermaBlock technology. This feature offers enhanced fire resistance compared to standard fire safes, ensuring that the internal temperature of the safe remains at a level that can protect sensitive items like documents and electronic media.
  • UL Certification: While the provided sources do not explicitly mention UL certification for the fireproof rating, the high standard of protection indicated by the 90-minute rating at 1680°F suggests a level of quality and reliability in line with industry standards.
  • Protection Capabilities: With this fireproof rating, the Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 is capable of protecting a wide range of items from fire damage. This includes important documents, electronic media, firearms, jewelry, and other valuables that might be susceptible to heat and fire damage.

Security Features

The Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 is engineered with a range of security features that make it a formidable barrier against unauthorized access. Here are the key security aspects of this safe:

  • 7-Gauge Steel Body: The safe's construction features a robust 7-gauge steel body, providing a solid and impenetrable shield against physical attacks.
  • Force Deflector™ Locking System: This system is designed to prevent bolt or handle forces from reaching the lock by diverting these forces elsewhere within the safe, thereby enhancing its resistance to break-in attempts.
  • Optional SecuRam™ Biometric Lock: For those seeking advanced security, the safe offers an optional SecuRam Biometric Lock. This state-of-the-art locking mechanism allows for quick and secure access through fingerprint recognition, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Anti-Drill and Anti-Pry Measures: The safe is equipped with features that protect against drilling and prying, two common methods used in safe-breaking attempts. These measures ensure that the safe remains secure even under targeted attacks.
  • Bolt Holes and Hinges: The safe includes strategically placed bolt holes and reinforced hinges, further enhancing its security against forced entry.
  • Re-Lock Devices: In the event of a lock tampering attempt, the safe is equipped with re-lock devices that automatically engage, providing an additional security barrier.

Security Features Table:

Security Features of Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 Fireproof Safe

Locking Mechanism

The Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 comes standard with the S&G Mechanical Lock, a lock known for its reliability and security. This lock is a classic choice for those who prefer the traditional dial lock system. Here's a closer look at the characteristics of this locking mechanism:

  • S&G Mechanical Lock: The default lock on the Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 is the S&G Mechanical Lock. This lock has a proven track record of performance and is known for being both affordable and secure. It's an ideal choice for users who access their safe less frequently and prefer a more traditional locking system.
  • Optional Upgrades: For those seeking more advanced options, the safe offers upgrades to the S&G Top Lit Electronic Lock or the SecuRam Biometric Lock. These options provide quicker access and additional security features, such as fingerprint recognition in the case of the SecuRam lock.
S&G Mechanical Lock used in Browning 1878 Series-13 Fireproof Safe

Locking Mechanism Table:

Lock TypeFeatures
S&G Mechanical LockProven reliability, traditional dial system, ideal for less frequent access
S&G Top Lit Electronic Lock (Optional)Quick access, electronic operation, illuminated for ease of use
SecuRam Biometric Lock (Optional)Advanced security, fingerprint recognition, quick and secure access

Build Quality and Additional Features

The Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 build quality and additional features also stand out, making it a versatile and practical choice for various storage needs.

  • Build Quality: The safe is constructed with a 7-gauge steel body, providing a sturdy and durable barrier against external threats. This heavy-duty construction ensures long-lasting reliability and protection for your valuables.
  • Interior Customization: Inside, the safe offers a customizable shelving system. This feature allows you to organize and store a variety of items efficiently, from firearms to documents and other valuables. The flexibility in storage options makes it suitable for diverse needs.
  • DPX Storage System: One of the unique features of this safe is the DPX Storage System, which includes pouches and pockets on the back of the door. This system maximizes storage space and provides quick access to frequently used items.
  • Appearance and Finish: The safe has a sleek and professional appearance, with a choice of different finishes to match your personal style or home decor. This attention to aesthetics ensures that the safe doesn't just perform well but also looks good in your home or office.
  • Additional Security Features: Beyond its basic security features, the safe includes additional measures like reinforced hinges, anti-drill and anti-pry defenses, and bolt holes for anchoring, enhancing its overall security.


The Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 comes with a comprehensive Limited Warranty, ensuring peace of mind for the safe's lifetime. This warranty is a testament to the confidence Browning ProSteel has in its product and its commitment to customer satisfaction. Here are the key aspects of the warranty:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: ProSteel warrants the Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 against damage from break-ins, attempted break-ins, or fire for the lifetime of the safe, provided it was produced after January 1, 2006. This warranty is applicable to the original purchaser of the safe.
  • Coverage Details: In the event of damage due to the aforementioned causes, ProSteel will either replace or repair the safe at their discretion. This decision is based on the proper documentation provided by the safe owner.
  • Shipping and Locksmith Costs: ProSteel takes responsibility for arranging and covering the shipping costs to and from the factory in case of a warranty claim. Additionally, any reasonable locksmith costs necessary to open the safe are also covered under this warranty.
  • Break-In Warranty: If the safe is forcibly opened, ProSteel commits to replacing or repairing it at no cost to the owner.
  • Attempted Break-In Warranty: Similarly, if the safe undergoes an attack by forcible means, ProSteel will replace or repair it without any cost to the owner.
  • Fire Warranty: In the unfortunate event of a house fire causing damage to the safe, ProSteel will replace or repair it, again at no cost to the owner.


The pricing of the Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 reflects its quality and the range of features it offers. Here's a breakdown of the pricing details:

  • Retail Price: The safe is listed at a retail price of $4,069.00. This price point is indicative of the safe's premium build quality, advanced security features, and fireproof capabilities.
  • Discounted Price: Currently, the safe is available at a discounted price of $3,059.99. This represents a significant saving of $1,009.01, which is about 24.8% off the retail price.
  • Value Assessment: When considering the price of the Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10, it's important to weigh it against the features and security it provides. The safe's robust construction, high fireproof rating, customizable interior, and the option for advanced locking mechanisms contribute to its value. Additionally, the comprehensive warranty adds to the overall worth of the investment.
  • Market Comparison: In comparison to other safes in the market with similar features and build quality, the Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 is competitively priced. The current discount further enhances its appeal to consumers looking for a high-quality safe at a more accessible price point.

Final Verdict

Is Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 Fireproof Safe any good?

The Browning Home Safe Deluxe 10 is a great product for those who prioritize the safety and security of their valuables. Its combination of fire protection, security features, build quality, and warranty support places it among the top choices in its category

Overall Score: 8.25/10

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