Remington 34+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe Review

Remington 34+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe Review

If you are in need of a secure safe with the reliable Fireproof capabilities then Remington 34+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe can be a perfect choice. It is specifically designed to keep your guns and firearms protected from fire damage.

There’s a decent range of fire resistant gun safes on the market. But not all of them have really high quality build, robust security features and generous warranty all at the same time. Made by Remington, a company with a well-earned reputation for building safes that excel in all these categories, this 34+6 Express Series model is definitely worth checking.

Remington 34+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe
Remington 34+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe - Opened View Empty
Remington 34+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe - Opened with Guns inside
Remington 34+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe key Characteristics

Safe Ratings:

Fireproof Rating0/10
Lock Mechanism0/10
Security Features0/10


  • 60-minute Fireproof Rating (1 Hour of 355°F at 1650°F)
  • Can hold 34 long guns + 6 handguns
  • Waterproof for 7 days in 2 ft water
  • High-quality SecuRam electronic lock
  • Robust steel construction


  • Heavy weight may be an issue for some (667.1 lbs)
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Key Specifications

Remington 34+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe key specs

Fireproof Features

The Remington 34+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe provides solid fireproof capabilities. It's rated to withstand temperatures up to 1650°F for 60 minutes. This level of fire protection is significant for keeping firearms and sensitive documents safe during most house fires.

We want to note that is not UL certified though. With this model you are looking at factory rating.

Security Features

The Remington 34+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe is equipped with several security features:

  • Wall Material & Thickness: The safe's construction with 12-gauge steel provides robust resistance against break-ins. This thickness is a key factor in preventing drilling and prying attempts.
  • Weight: At 667.1 pounds, the safe's heavy weight acts as a deterrent to theft, as it's challenging to move or transport without specialized equipment or significant effort.
  • Anti-Drill and Anti-Pry Measures: It's equipped with a drill-resistant hard plate, enhancing its resilience against drilling attacks. Additionally, the relocker device is designed to provide an extra layer of security, effectively locking down the safe in case of tampering.
  • Bolts & Hinges: The safe features twelve solid steel locking bolts, including eight active and four deadbolts. This design ensures a strong locking mechanism, securing the safe door firmly and providing additional protection against forced entry.
  • Bolt Holes and Kit: The inclusion of a waterproof bolt-down kit is a significant security feature. This allows for the safe to be securely anchored to a floor, significantly reducing the risk of the safe being removed from its location.

Locking Mechanism

The Remington 34+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe features a SecuRam UL Rated Electronic Lock, known for its robust security and user-friendly features.

Electronic Securam lock installed in Remington 34+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe

Characteristics of SecuRam UL Rated Electronic Lock

  • Two Code System: It allows for a Manager Code and a User Code, offering flexibility and security.
  • Battery Powered: A 9-volt battery powers the system, capable of over 10,000 openings.
  • Penalty LockOut: If 4 incorrect codes are entered, the system locks out for 5 minutes, preventing unauthorized access attempts.
  • Reset Feature: There's a reset button to revert the lock to its factory settings.
  • SureLock Battery Compartment: This feature enables easy battery replacement without the need to remove the entry pad from the safe door.
  • Compatibility and Finish: The lock can be paired with other SecuRam motorized safe lock bodies and comes in various finishes, like Chrome, Brass, and Black Chrome.

This combination of features in the locking mechanism enhances the safe's security, ensuring only authorized access while providing convenience and reliability.

Build Quality and Additional Features

The Remington 34+6 safe comes with impressive build quality. It is also one of the better looking storage options on the market. But good looks is not all it offers. With this model you are getting water resistance, organized interior, inside lighting and more.

Build Quality & Additional Features summary:

Construction12-gauge steel, Uni-Weld™
Water ResistanceWaterproof for 7 days in 2 feet water
InteriorCarpeted, adjustable shelves, barrel rests
Lighting & PowerLED lights, dual power outlets, USB ports
AestheticsChrome handle, Black Satin Metallic finish
AccessoriesDoor organizer, bolt-down kit, override keys


The Remington 34+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe is backed by a comprehensive Class-leading Lifetime Warranty.

  • Coverage: This warranty extensively covers the safe against theft, fire, natural floods, including the locks, parts, and paint.
  • Additional Services: Remarkably, the warranty includes free freight for replacement gun safes within the continental USA. Moreover, it provides free locksmith services if you ever get locked out of your safe.
  • Limitations: It's crucial to note that while the warranty covers the safe, it does not extend to any consequential damages or the contents stored inside the safe.


The price of the Remington 34+6 safe varies depending on the specific retailer and available discounts. Being a high-quality, feature-rich model, it's well positioned in the market. Here's the break down of the price:

  • Retail Price: The Remington 34+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe is listed with a retail price of $2,799.99.
  • Current Offer: It's currently available for $2,089.99, which means you save $710.00, a significant discount of 25.4%.
  • Value for Money: Given its features, this price point positions the safe as a high-quality option. The discount enhances its appeal, offering good value for a safe with its level of security, fireproofing, and build quality.

Final Verdict

Is Remington 34+6 Fireproof Gun Safe any good?

Yes, Remington 34+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe is a robust and reliable choice, especially for firearm owners. It succeeds in providing both fireproof and security features.

If you are looking for a secure, fireproof storage solution for firearms and other valuables, you can safely consider this model.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

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