Fireproof Remington STS 60 Gun Safe Review

Fireproof Remington STS 60 Gun Safe Review

Fireproof Remington STS 60 Gun Safe (SAR6560S) is a premium product, well-suited for firearm owners who prioritize security, capacity, and durability in a safe. It is a substantial investment, but one that justifies its price with its quality, features, and best in class warranty.

If you need spacious, reliable and secure safe with fire and water resistance, this can be the right model for you. In our review I highlight all the main specs and explain in detail pros and cons of it features.

Remington STS 60 Gun Safe - Front view with Closed Door
Remington STS 60 Gun Safe - Open Door
Remington STS 60 Gun Safe - Open Door with Guns Inside

Safe Ratings:

Fireproof Rating0/10
Lock Mechanism0/10
Security Features0/10


  • High Fireproof rating - 2 Hours at 1800°F
  • Superb 10-gauge Steel Construction
  • Waterproof for 7 days in 2 feet of water
  • Advanced SecuRam Backlit Lock
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Price may be high for some budgets
  • Heavyweight, challenging to move
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Key Specifications

Key Specifications of emington STS 60 Gun Safe

Fireproof Features

Remington STS series 60 guns safe provides significant protection against fire. It boasts a fireproof rating capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and for a long time:

  • Fireproof Rating: The safe is rated to endure up to 1800°F for a duration of 120 minutes. This level of protection is wel enough for safeguarding your valuables, especially in extreme heat conditions.
  • Certification: While the safe demonstrates a high fireproof rating, it is important to note that there is no explicit mention of UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification for this rating.

    Security Features

    The Fireproof Remington STS 60 is equipped with several advanced security features designed to protect against unauthorized access and burglary:

    • Locking Bolts: It features a 4-way locking system with fourteen 2-inch steel locking bolts. This includes ten 4-inch long active bolts and four 3-inch long deadbolts, providing a robust barrier against forced entry.
    • Material and Build: The safe's construction utilizes 10-gauge industrial steel. This heavy-duty material enhances its resistance to physical attacks, such as drilling or prying.
    • Lock Type: It's equipped with a backlit SecuRam UL Rated electronic lock. This high-quality lock ensures secure access, complemented by two Fail Safe override keys for emergency situations.
    • Relocker Device: An innovative relocker device is included to prevent forced entry, adding an additional layer of security.
    • Bolt-limiting Pins: The safe has bolt-limiting pins designed to protect its exterior from cosmetic damage, ensuring longevity and maintaining appearance.

    Locking Mechanism

    The Remington STS 60 safe is equipped with a sophisticated locking mechanism, which is a pivotal aspect of its security profile:

    • Lock Type: The safe features a backlit SecuRam UL Rated electronic lock. This type of lock is known for its reliability and ease of use, offering quick and secure access to the safe's contents.
    • Fail Safe Feature: In addition to the electronic lock, the safe comes with two Fail Safe override keys. This is a crucial feature in case of electronic failure or if the combination is forgotten, ensuring you're never locked out of your safe.
    • Damage-Activated Relocker: An innovative relocker is integrated into the lock system. This relocker is activated in the event of an attempted break-in, enhancing the safe's defense against forced entry.
    Electronic Lock installed in Remington 60 Gun STS series Fireproof Gun Safe

    Positive Aspects of this Locking Mechanism:

    UL Rated Electronic LockEnsures high security and ease of access
    Backlit DesignFacilitates visibility in low-light conditions
    Fail Safe KeysProvides backup access in emergencies
    Damage-Activated RelockerIncreases security during attempted break-ins

    Build Quality and Additional Features

    The Remington STS seriers 60 Gun Safe showcases exceptional build quality and includes a variety of additional features:

    • Construction: The safe's body and door are made from 10-gauge steel, providing a sturdy and durable build. This robust construction ensures long-lasting protection against physical attacks and environmental factors.
    • Interior Design: The interior is fully quilted with premium vinyl, offering both aesthetic appeal and cushioning for stored items. This design detail adds an extra layer of protection for delicate valuables.
    • Storage Organization: It features fully adjustable shelves and barrel rests, along with two glass shelves. This customizable interior allows for efficient organization and accommodation of a variety of items, including up to 60 long guns and 8 handguns.
    • Lighting and Power: Equipped with factory-installed motion sensor LED lights, the safe's interior is easily navigable in low-light conditions. The inclusion of a UL-rated dual outlet and USB ports adds convenience for charging devices or using additional security gadgets.
    • Waterproof Feature: The safe is waterproof, capable of withstanding up to 2 feet of water for 7 days, which is particularly beneficial in areas prone to flooding or water damage.


    The safe is backed by a best-in-class Lifetime Warranty. This extensive coverage includes protection against theft, fire, natural floods, as well as parts, locks, and paint.

    Lifetime Warranty by REMINGTON


    The Remington 60-Gun STS is listed at a price of $4,599.99. Which is a substantial discount from the original retail: $6,539.00 tag. You can get it for almost 30% discount. This price still puts it in the higher tier of the market, reflecting its premium features and build quality.

    Value Assessment: Considering the robust build, advanced security features, fireproof and waterproof capabilities, it is justified.

    Comparison with Market: In comparison to other safes in the market with similar features and capacities, the Fireproof Remington STS 60 Gun Safe's price is extremely competitive. This model does offer extensive warranty and have good features life water resistance, which is often lacking in other similar safes by different manufacturers.

    Final Verdict

    Is Fireproof Remington 60-Gun STS Gun Safe any good?

    Yes, Remington 60-Gun STS series gun safe presents good value for money, especially for those seeking a high-end safe with extensive security features and capacity. Fireproof and waterproof capabilities, reliable 10-gauge steel construction and Lifetime Warranty make it a great choice.

    Overall Score: 8.8/10

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