Gardall 3620 2-Hour Fireproof Burglar Safe Review

Gardall 3620 2-Hour Fireproof Burglar Safe Review

The Gardall 3620 2-Hour Fireproof Burglar Safe is a robust solution designed for those who want to protect their valuables against fire and burglary. This safe is great for both personal and business use. Manufactured by Gardall, a reputable name in the industry, the 3620 model can be a right choice for many.

Is it the right for you? Find out as we provide an objective and in-depth analysis of this safe. Check out if the its security features, fireproof capabilities, build quality, and price match your expectations and needs.

Gardall 3620 2-Hour Fireproof Burglar Safe
Gardall 3620 2-Hour Fireproof Burglar Safe - Opened door

Safe Ratings:

Fireproof Rating0/10
Lock Mechanism0/10
Security Features0/10


  • Good 2 Hour Fireproof Rating
  • Robust burglary-resistant features
  • Various lock options available
  • Made in America with quality materials
  • Lifetime replacement warranty


  • Price may be high for some budgets
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Key Specifications

Here's a table summarizing the key specifications of the Gardall 3620 2-Hour Fireproof Burglar Safe:

Key Specifications of Gardall 3620 2-Hour Fireproof Burglar Safe

The Gardall 3620 is a sizable unit, offering ample space for various items, including documents and valuables. Its substantial weight of 795 lbs contributes to its security, making it difficult to relocate without authorization.

Fireproof Features

The Gardall 3620 high security burglar safe boasts an impressive fireproof rating, which is a central aspect of its design. Here's a detailed look at its fireproof features:

  • Fireproof Rating: The safe has a manufacturer's fire rating of 2 hours at an exterior temperature of 1750°F. This means that in the event of a fire, the safe's interior temperature will not exceed 350°F within this duration, providing a safe haven for items that could be damaged at higher temperatures, such as paper documents which char at 400°F.
  • Certification: This model does not have the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification though. It is factory tested.
  • Protection Capabilities: With this rating, the Gardall 3620 is capable of protecting a wide range of valuables from fire damage, including paper money, documents, jewelry and other sensitive items.

This level of fire protection, combined with the safe's robust construction, makes the Gardall 3620 is a very solid choice for those who are specifically looking for a safe with superior fireproofing capabilities.

Security Features

The Gardall 3620 2-Hour Fireproof Burglar Safe is equipped with a range of security features designed to protect against burglary and unauthorized access. Below is a list of its key security features, followed by a summary table:

  • Burglary Resistant Design: Class “B” burglary resistant features are built into the safe right at the factory, providing a robust defense against break-ins.
  • Dead Bolts and Door Bolts: The safe features 3 dead bolts on the hinged side of the door to deter entry by removing hinges. Additionally, it has plated interlocking 3-way door bolts that extend deep into the safe walls (5 active bolts).
  • Hard Plate: There is a hard plate between the lock and dial ring, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Independent Locking Device: Designed to stop forced entry, enhancing the safe's security.
  • Heavy Duty Casters: These are welded to the safe body, allowing for easy positioning while adding to the safe's overall security.
  • Lock Options: The safe offers various lock options including a UL Group II combination lock, electronic push-button lock, and a single key (key-op) option, each providing secure access.

Security Features Summary Table:

Security FeatureDescription
Burglary Resistant DesignClass “B” features for enhanced burglary resistance.
Dead Bolts and Door Bolts3 dead bolts and 5 active interlocking door bolts.
Hard PlateExtra security layer between lock and dial ring.
Independent Locking DevicePrevents forced entry.
Heavy Duty CastersFacilitate positioning without compromising security.
Lock OptionsMultiple secure locking mechanisms available.

Locking Mechanism

The Gardall 3620 fire-resistant safe features versatile and secure locking options. This definitely a positive, as it helps to meet various security needs. Here's a brief overview of its locking mechanism:

  • Lock Options: The safe offers three types of locks:
    1. Push Button Electronic Lock: This modern lock option provides quick and keyless access. It requires a numeric code for unlocking, offering high security and convenience.
    2. Mechanical Combination Lock: A traditional and reliable choice, the mechanical combination lock is known for its durability and does not require batteries or electronic components.
    3. Single Key Lock (Key-op): This option provides straightforward and quick access with a key. It's a simple yet effective locking mechanism.
UL listed Group II high-security Electronic lock

Locking Mechanism Summary Table:

Locking MechanismPositive Aspects
Push Button Electronic LockKeyless, quick access; high security with numeric code.
Mechanical Combination LockDurable, reliable; no need for batteries or electronic parts.
Single Key Lock (Key-op)Simple and direct access with a key.

Build Quality and Additional Features

The Gardall 3620 2-Hour Fireproof safe is in line with the manufacturer's reputation and offers a high standard of build quality. As well as several additional features that enhance its usability and functionality:

  • Build Quality: The Gardall 3620 is robustly constructed, as indicated by its substantial weight of 795 lbs. This weight contributes to its security, making it more resistant to unauthorized removal.
  • Storage Capacity: With an interior volume of 8.39 cubic feet, the safe provides ample space for a variety of items, including documents, valuables, and potentially small firearms.
  • Adjustable Shelves: The safe comes with 3 adjustable shelves, allowing users to customize the interior space according to their storage needs.
  • Water Resistance: While specific information about water resistance is not provided, the robust construction suggests a certain level of protection against moisture.
  • Material Finishing and Colors: The safe is available in two colors, Gray and Sandstone, offering a choice to match different decors or preferences.
  • Casters for Mobility: Heavy-duty casters welded to the safe body make it easier to position the safe, enhancing its practicality in various settings.


The Gardall 3620 Burglar Safe comes with a notable warranty. Here are the key details:

  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty: Gardall offers a lifetime replacement warranty on this model. This is a significant commitment, indicating the manufacturer's trust in the durability and reliability of their product.
  • Coverage: The warranty likely covers defects in materials and workmanship, and in some cases, it may cover damages due to fire or burglary attempts. However, the specific terms and conditions of the warranty were not detailed in the sources provided.


The pricing of the Gardall 3620 safe depends on where you buy it. In case of authorized dealers you can get a significant discount:

  • Listed Price: The initial retail price of the safe is $4,150.00. However the model is available at price of $3,112.50. Which is a 25% discount.
  • Value Assessment: Given the safe's robust fireproof and security features, sizeable interior capacity, and the inclusion of adjustable features and a lifetime warranty, the price appears to be in line with the high level of protection and quality it offers.
  • Comparison with Market: In comparison to other safes in the market with similar features, the Gardall 3620's price can be considered reasonable, especially considering its dual fireproof and burglary-resistant capabilities.

While the price may be on the higher side for some budgets, the features and reliability it offers align well with its pricing.

Final Verdict

Is Gardall 3620 2-Hour Fireproof Burglar Safe any good?

Without a doubt, Gardall 3620 2-hour Fireproof Burglar safe is a great product for those who need robust fireproof capabilities and strong burglary resistance. With a solid construction, substantial weight, and a range of lock options, it offers reliable protection for a variety of valuables.

The price while being on a premium side, objectively reflects the model's respectable quality and a good range of features. Overall it is sound choice for both personal and professional use.

Overall Score: 8.25/10

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