Remington 36 + 6 Nitro Fireproof Gun Safe Review

Remington 36 + 6 Nitro Fireproof Gun Safe Review

The Remington 36 + 6 Nitro Fireproof Gun Safe is a high-quality fireproof gun safe manufactured by Remington. It is designed to protect valuables, including firearms, from fire and theft.

The safe is constructed from 11-gauge steel and features a UL-certified fireproof rating of 90 minutes at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a waterproof rating of 7 days in 2 feet of water. All these features make it a compelling choice for everyone seeking to safely secure their guns and other precious items.

Remington 36 + 6 Nitro Fireproof Gun Safe
Remington 36 + 6 Nitro Fireproof Gun Safe - Open View
Remington 36 + 6 Nitro Fireproof Gun Safe - Open View while empty

Safe Ratings:

Fireproof Rating0/10
Lock Mechanism0/10
Security Features0/10


  • Fire-resistant Rating of 90 Minutes at 1800°F
  • Robust 11-gauge Steel Construction
  • Waterproof Rating of 7 days in 2 feet of Water
  • UL Rated Backlit SecuRam Electronic Lock
  • Great Lifetime Warranty


  • Limited Color Options
  • Heavy weight may require professional installation
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Key Specifications

Key Specifications of Remington 36+6 Nitro Safe

Fireproof Features

The Remington 36 + 6 Nitro Fireproof Gun Safe offers a respectable fire resistance rating, capable of withstanding intense heat for up to 90 minutes at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. While not UL-certified, the safe's fireproof construction employs a combination of effective fire-resistant materials and design elements. This will help it to safeguard your valuables from the damaging effects of fire.

Other fire-resistant features include:

  • Triple-Seal Door Gasket: The door of the safe incorporates a triple-seal gasket that expands under heat, creating an airtight barrier against flames and smoke.
  • Fire-Resistant Lining: This lining acts as an additional layer of insulation, reducing the transfer of heat to the interior and safeguarding your possessions.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: The safe's robust construction, utilizing 11-gauge steel, provides a solid foundation for its fire resistance capabilities.

Security Features

The Remington 36 + 6 Nitro Fireproof Gun Safe is equipped with a variety of security features to protect your valuables from theft. These features include:

Security FeatureDescription
Triple Seal™ ProtectionFire-resistant lining, airtight door gasket, and water-resistant barrier
11-Gauge Steel ConstructionThick 11-gauge steel for resistance to drilling, prying, and forced entry
SecuRam™ Digital LockBacklit keypad for easy operation in low-light conditions, programmable personalized code
Bolt Limiting PinsPrevent cosmetic damage to the safe's exterior during entry
California DOJ ApprovalMeets stringent security standards for secure gun storage in compliance with California's gun storage laws

Locking Mechanism

The Remington 36 + 6 Nitro Fireproof Gun Safe is equipped with a SecuRam™ digital lock that offers a combination of security, convenience, and user-friendly features.

Remington 36+6 Nitro Safe Lock - Backlit SecuRam™ lock

Here's the locks main features:

  • SecuRam™ digital lock with Manager and User Codes
  • Compatible with other SecuRam™ motorized safe lock bodies
  • Standard footprint and mounting pattern for easy retrofit
  • 5-minute Penalty LockOut after four incorrect code entries
  • Over 10,000 openings on a single 9 Volt battery
  • SureLock Battery Compartment for easy battery replacement
  • Backlit entrypad for clear visibility in low light
  • Available in Chrome, Brass, and Black Chrome finishes

Build Quality and Additional Features

The Remington 36 + 6 Nitro Fireproof Gun Safe is built with high-quality materials.. The safe has a durable Seltzer Gray Gloss powder coat finish and features a 5-spoke chrome handle with carbon fiber accents. The interior of the safe is fully lined with quilted vinyl and features adjustable shelving and barrel rests.

Among other useful features the safe offers fully adjustable carpeted shelves and barrel rests with stitched vinyl trim accommodate various gun sizes and accessories. Quilted vinyl sidewalls and door safeguard your valuables with a soft, protective lining.

Convenient Features include dual outlets and two USB ports keep your electronic devices powered up, while pouches on the door panel organize frequently used items.


The Remington 36 + 6 Nitro comes with one of the best in class warranty coverage. It is a Lifetime Warranty, that provides comprehensive coverage against theft, fire, natural flood, locks, parts, and paint. This warranty extends to free freight on replacement gun safes within the continental USA and complimentary locksmith services in case of lockouts.

Lifetime Warranty by REMINGTON


The Remington 36 + 6 gun safe is available at $2,788.00. Considering its exceptional build quality, advanced security features, and comprehensive warranty, this price is well justified. It does make a good- investment in safeguarding your firearms and valuables with the utmost protection.

Final Verdict

Is Remington 36 + 6 Nitro Fireproof Gun Safe any good?

Yes. Remington 36+6 (Nitro series) is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, fireproof gun safe. It is well-constructed, has a UL-certified lock, solid fireproof rating, and is equipped with a variety of security features.

Overall Score: 8.6/10

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