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What a Fireproof Box is. Pros and Cons.

Fireproof boxes are sometimes confused with a regular full size safes. But there is a difference. So what is a fire-resistant box? What can you store in it and what are its main features?

Fireproof box – is a type of a fire-resistant safe, usually smaller in size than a heavy duty one and designed specifically to protect valuable documents from fire. Typically, these documents include passports, insurance policies, various certificates and of course cash.

When it comes down to choosing a fire-resistant solution for our valuables safe boxes are a very popular choice. Not everyone needs a big and super durable safe. It requires more space and often a special installment. Safe boxes on the other hand don’t take that much space. They are also portable so you can move them easily. Plus they are way cheaper. Yes, they do not provide the same level of protection but that’s because they serve a little bit different purpose.

We all have important documents that we want to keep secured from fire emergencies. A legal financial document, a passport, a health insurance policy, a birth certificate, photos – the list can be vast. And loosing these in a house fire is definitely something we all would like to avoid. Well, this is when a proper fireproof safe box comes in handy. The fact that safe boxes are really affordable make them extremely popular and manufacturers have long figured that out. There is a great variety of models on the market that combine great price and solid protection.


The most common rating for safe boxes is 1/2 – 1 hour fire and water protection. This is often enough time to take the box and carry it out of a house. Knowing that your irreplaceable documents are safe provide a much needed peace of mind.

When selecting a fireproof safe box always check what rating it has. We recommend getting the products that have been tested and are certified by a well known companies like UL and ETL SEMKO.

Here is a list of pros and cons of Fireproof Boxes.

Check it out to see if this is the right type of fire-resistant solution for you


  • Small size that makes boxes portable
  • Good capacity to fit wide range of documents and other valuables
  • Initial protection that provides limited access to boxes’ contents
  • Fire and water protection
  • A great variety of budget and inexpensive models



  • Offers less Fire and Water protection compared to regular heavy duty safes
  • Can only provide limited access to the valuables due to basic key locks
  • Less durable than most of full size safes


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