Who and Where Makes Liberty Safes?

Who Makes Liberty Safes? Are They Made in America?

Liberty Safes are made by Liberty Safe and Security Products, Inc. in the USA. Located in Payson, Utah, this company leads as America’s #1 producer of heavy-duty safes, manufacturing around 500 safes daily. It is one of a few manufacturers who have made sure have the production line inside the US.

Who Manufactures Liberty Safes?

Liberty Safe and Security Products, Inc., based in Payson, Utah, United States, is the manufacturer behind Liberty Safes. They’ve established themselves as one of the leaders in the safe industry, especially in the US market.

Ownership and the Parent Company of Liberty Safes

Liberty Safe and Security Products, Inc. is owned by Monomoy Capital Partners, having been acquired in 2021.

Monomoy Capital Partners, founded in 2005, is a private investment firm with over $3 billion in assets under management. They specialize in providing strategic capital and operational expertise to middle-market businesses.

Where are Liberty safes Made?

Liberty Safes are made in Payson, Utah, at a facility known for its vast size and advanced manufacturing capabilities. The factory is capable of producing around 500 safes a day. The company aims to invest in American manufacturing, ensuring that even the basic models are produced locally.

This “Made in US” one their main promotional points, as they make sure to remain a leading “American Made” safes brand in US.

Are all Liberty Safes made in USA?

Nearly all Liberty Safes, around 95% of their products are made in the USA, with their manufacturing facility located in Utah. This includes a broad range of gun safes, including fire proof safes.

However, there were rare occasions when their Home Series safes and accessories were have been imported​ from China. Aside from these exceptions, Liberty’s main product lines, including the Centurion gun safes, are made in the USA.

Other American Made Safe Companies

In addition to Liberty Safes, there are several other American companies known for manufacturing safes within the United States. These manufacturers offer a variety of options for consumers seeking domestically produced security solutions for their valuables and firearms.

  • Browning Safes manufactured by ProSteel Security Products, have a line-up of “U.S. Series” of the American-made models for gun owners.
  • Champion Safe Co., based in Provo, Utah, has been crafting safes from American-made steel since 1999. They offer a variety of safes, including options for customization, and are noted for their durability and security features.
  • Fort Knox Vaults, located in Orem, Utah, provides custom-made vaults allowing customers to choose specifications like steel thickness, security level, and fire protection. They pride themselves on handcrafting safes tailored to individual needs.
  • Sturdy Safe, based in Fresno, California, produces a range of gun safes, including options for pistols and long guns. They offer customization for interior layouts, finishes, and security features, ensuring a tailored security solution.
  • American Security (AMSEC) offers a broad catalog of over 200 models, including gun safes, fireproof safes, and vault doors. They provide a wide range of safes for both commercial and residential use, emphasizing high security and fire resistance.

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