Should You Put A Gun Safe In The Garage?

Can You Put A Gun Safe In The Garage? Do It The Right Way

Wondering if the garage is the right spot for your gun safe? You’re not alone. Many choose the garage for its space and convenience. It’s great for those tight on room inside the house. But, is it the best place for keeping your firearms secure and in good condition? Not really. While you can technically do it, it’s not the best spot.

If you put a gun safe in the garage, you’ll face challenges like changing temperatures and higher burglary risks. Anchoring your safe and using climate control becomes a must.

You can still mam,e it work , if you do the adjustments I point out in this guide. So read on and make the best of your garage.

Why Keep Your Gun Safe in the Garage?

So why choose the garage for your gun safe in the first place? Why not putting it inside the house or in the basement? People often pick the garage for their gun safe because it just makes sense for them personally. If your house is tight on space, the garage might have just the more convenient location. Sometimes, the safe doesn’t look good inside the house, or it’s too big for anywhere else but the garage. Plus, garages usually have extra room, so putting a safe there doesn’t get in the way of anything else.

Disadvantages of Keeping A Gun Safe In The Garage

Even though the garage can be a good place for a gun safe, it’s not perfect.

  • Less Security: First off, garages can be easy for burglars to break into. If they get in, your guns might not be as safe as you thought.
  • Temperature variations: Also, garages can get really hot or cold, and that’s not great for your guns.
  • Possible humidity: Moisture is another problem. If it gets too damp in there, your guns could rust.
  • Visibility: Plus, if your garage is visible from the street, having a safe there might attract unwanted attention, signaling to potential burglars that there are valuable items inside.

Unheated Garage vs Your Gun Safe: Yes or No

Can you put a gun safe in an unheated garage? Storing your guns in an unheated garage can be tricky. The biggest problem is temperature swings. In winter, it gets really cold, and in summer, it might turn into an oven. These changes can mess with your guns, causing parts to expand or contract. That’s not good for keeping them in top shape.

Also, without heat, moisture can build up inside your safe. This dampness can lead to rust or damage the gun’s parts faster than you might expect.

But, there’s a way around it. Using dehumidifiers or insulation will help keep the temperature and humidity levels steady. Think about it like dressing for the weather – your gun safe needs a little help to stay comfortable in an unheated garage. Let’s talk more about that.

Climate Control for Your Garage Safe: Keep it Dry

Keeping your gun safe in the garage means you have to think about the weather inside, not just outside. Garages can get damp, hot, or super cold, and none of that is good for guns. Here’s what you can do:

  • Use a Dehumidifier: This gadget pulls moisture out of the air, keeping things dry and rust-free.
  • Insulation: Wrapping your safe or the garage walls can help control the temperature swings.
  • Heating or Cooling: Small, safe heaters or fans can keep the air around your safe more stable.

Think of your safe like a mini-room for your guns. You wouldn’t want your bedroom to be too hot, cold, or wet, right? Same goes for your guns in the garage.

How to Hide a Gun Safe in Your Garage

Hiding your gun safe in the garage is a smart thing to do. You don’t want everyone knowing where your guns are, right? And hiding it effectively is actually not hard. Here are some tips:

  • Behind Stuff: Put it behind big things like cabinets or shelves. If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.
  • Camouflage: Use a cover that makes it blend in. Think about a workbench cover or something that looks like garage clutter.
  • Inside Cabinets: If you have big storage cabinets, consider putting the safe inside one. It looks like just another storage spot.
  • Corner Placement: Tuck it away in a less noticeable corner. Add some garage items around it to make it less obvious.

Garage Safe Installation: Simple Guide

Putting your gun safe in the garage doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these steps to make sure it’s done right:

  • Choose the Right Spot: Pick a place that’s out of the way but still easy for you to get to. Remember, you want to keep it hidden but accessible.
  • Secure It Well: Most safes come with holes in the bottom for anchoring. Use concrete anchors if your garage floor is concrete. This makes it super tough for anyone to move.
  • Level It: Make sure your safe is sitting flat. Use shims if you need to. A level safe is a happy safe.
  • Think About Fire Protection: If your safe isn’t already fireproof, consider where in the garage it will be safest from potential fires.

Alternative Locations For Your Safe

Keeping a gun safe in the basement

Sometimes the garage isn’t the best spot for your gun safe. Let’s look at other places:

  • In the Basement: If you have one, basements can be cool and dry. They’re easy to keep the moisture away from your guns through dehumidifiers. Just make sure it’s not prone to flooding.
  • A Dedicated Safe Room: If you’re really serious about security, a room just for your guns and valuables is the ultimate solution. It can be customized for climate control and security.

Each option has its pros and cons, depending on your home’s layout and your security needs. We have the dedicated Best place to keep your gun safe guide for you, check t it out.


If you are choosing the garage for your gun safe just think about pros and cons first. While garages offer the advantage of space, they also give easier access for burglars, and have less stable temperature conditions. If you do go with the garage, make sure to hide your safe well, bolt it down, and keep the inside dry and temperature steady.

And besides, your house might have better spots. The basement is usually safer and easier to keep at the right temperature. If you take gun storage super seriously, setting up a special room just for your guns and valuables might be the way to go.

Relevant Questions

  • Can I put a gun safe in an unheated garage?: Yes, you can, but keep an eye on temperature changes and humidity. Consider adding insulation or a dehumidifier to protect your guns.
  • Will guns rust in a garage? : They might if it’s damp or swings between hot and cold. Using a dehumidifier and ensuring good air circulation can help prevent rust.
  • Where do you put a gun safe in a garage? : A hidden spot is best. Think behind shelves or in a corner that’s not immediately visible. Keeping it out of direct sight helps with security.
  • Where is the best place to put a gun safe – garage or basement? : Every home is different, but it’s crucial to balance accessibility with security and climate control. many choose between garage and basement. For a deeper dive, check out this Garage vs Basement for your Safe’s Location guide to help you make the decision.
  • Can a gun safe sit on concrete? : Yes, but it’s smart to put a barrier, like rubber or foam, between the safe and concrete to prevent moisture transfer and rust.

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