20 Real Reasons To Own a Gun Safe
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18 Legit Reasons To Own a Gun Safe

Why should you own a gun safe? It’s simple: to protect, comply, and preserve. But if you want to get into details there are at least 20 valid and undeniable reasons why you would want and even need a gun safe as a gun owner.

From keeping your family safe from accidents and ensuring you’re on the right side of the law to protecting your guns from damage and theft. Even more so, a gun safe could save you money and make your home look good.

Ready to find out how a gun safe does all this and more? We have it covered in this article.

Child Safety and Gun Storage Regulations

Having a gun safe is essential for two main reasons: obeying the law and keeping kids safe. Many places (see the complete list here ) have laws that say guns must be kept where children can’t get to them. This is to prevent accidents that can happen if kids find guns. A gun safe does exactly this – it locks the guns away safely.

By using a gun safe, you are following the law. Because not storing guns safely can lead to serious trouble, like fines or even jail. And of course it’s more that that if you have a family. Then you are making sure your loved ones and others are safe.

Firearm Security and Preventing Accidents at Home

Keeping guns in a safe at home achieves two things: stopping theft and avoiding accidents. It’s a secure spot where your firearms are protected from thieves and where accidents, like unintended discharges, can’t happen. You decide who gets to use your guns, when and how, so you are in control.

  • First, it keeps your guns away from anyone who shouldn’t have them, especially burglars. This means your firearms won’t end up in the wrong hands.
  • Second, with guns in a safe, there’s no chance of someone accidentally finding and using them. This is really important in homes with kids or visitors.

Unfortunately the deaths caused by firearms are quite frequent. If we take young people ( age 1–19) in 2018 alone, there were a total of 3,335 deaths, according to Safe Firearms Storage Research. And the simple increase of gun storage quality can reduce those numbers by almost a third.

Here’s the info-graphics for easy reference:

Deaths among young people from firearms in USA
Impact of Safe Storage of firearms in USA

Secure Storage for Ammunition

With safes, you can keep your ammunition in a cool, dry place away from heat sources or flames to minimize the risk of detonation. Using a dedicated secure storage container will help ensure your ammo stays in good condition and out of reach from those who shouldn’t have access to it.

protecting guns from burglars

Gun safes are tough. They’re designed to be hard to break into. This means that even if a thief finds your safe, getting inside won’t be easy. If you It’s a big obstacle for them. You can read more about Gun safes and Burglary.

Secondly, the presence of a gun safe itself can make a thief think twice. When they see a safe, they know getting the guns will be tough and time-consuming. And thus might get them caught. Often, this alone can make them give up.

Maintaining Privacy of Gun Ownership

A gun safe does more than protect; it keeps your firearm ownership private. It’s about ensuring that only those you trust are in the know. Hidden from view, your guns remain a secret to visitors and workers alike.

Protecting Firearms from Environmental Damage

A gun safe does also protects your firearms from environmental damage like fire and water/humidity.

Protecting Firearms from Environmental Damage

Fire Protection:

High-quality gun fire-resistant safes are built to withstand extreme heat. In case of a fire, these safes can protect your firearms from damage, preserving their condition and value.

Humidity Control:

Guns are vulnerable to rust and corrosion caused by moisture. A good quality gun safe with built-in humidity control keeps the air dry inside, preventing damage to your firearms over time. Best fireproof safes are also waterproof. Take a look at this Remington 26+6 Nitro for example.

Legal Protection – Mitigating Liability

A gun safe also provides legal safeguards. By securely storing your firearms, you reduce the risk of legal issues related to gun ownership. How?

  • Preventing Legal Complications: If a firearm is stolen from your home and used in a crime, you could face legal scrutiny. A gun safe helps prevent this by ensuring your firearms are securely locked away. And if it does get stolen you will have the proof of that and there fore protected from such liability.
  • Compliance with Laws: Many areas have specific laws requiring secure storage of firearms. Owning a gun safe ensures you’re in compliance, protecting you from potential fines or legal action.

Quick Access to Firearms When Needed

A gun safe combines security with accessibility. For those who own guns for home defense, quick access in an emergency is critical, no one can argue with that. Modern gun safes often feature biometric scanners, keypad entries, or quick-access locks. This means you can reach your firearm swiftly when it matters most, without compromising on security.

Having a gun safe in a strategic location allows you to respond promptly to a home intrusion or emergency situation, knowing exactly where your gun is and that it’s ready to use.

Preservation of Firearms Condition

Storing guns in a safe means keeping them in a controlled environment. No more extreme temperature changes and humidity. This stability preserves the mechanical parts and the finish of your guns.

Preservation of Firearms Condition

It also gives protection from wear and tear reducing the risk of scratches, dents, or corrosion that can affect performance.

Gun Safes As a nice Home Decor

Who says gun safes can’t be good looking? Nowadays you have a nice choice of designs for tour safes. Choose from sleek, modern designs or timeless classics to match your home vibe.

A modern safe can easily be a stylish addition to your home decor. Some safes are designed to blend in, serving as furniture pieces like end tables or benches. This not only hides the safe in plain sight but also adds to the room’s functionality and appearance.

Concealed Carry with Portable Gun Safes

Need a discreet way to carry your firearm? A portable gun safe is the answer. It offers privacy, ensures quick access, and keeps you within legal boundaries. Isn’t always the right time to secure your gun on the move.

Firearm Locking Device Laws

Did you know that keeping your gun in a safe is also about following the law? With rules on firearm locking devices differing by area, their purpose is universal: to ensure safe storage and prevent misuse. A gun safe ticks all the boxes for legal compliance, protecting you from fines or worse. Are you up to date with your area’s requirements?

Gun Safes for Optimal Insurance Benefits

Benefiting from Insurance Premium Discounts

A gun safe can be your secret weapon in navigating the insurance world. It can unlock savings, ensure full coverage, and bump up the value of your guns in the eyes of your insurer. Here’s the scoop on how a gun safe transforms your insurance gains:

  • Guaranteed Coverage: Ever worry about your insurance claim getting the red light because of how you store your guns? With a gun safe, you’re ticking all the right boxes for secure storage, keeping those coverage doubts at bay.
  • Value Boost: In the unfortunate tick of events where you face a loss, having your firearms properly secured in a gun safe can lead to a nod of approval from your insurer on the value front, making sure you get a fair shake on their worth.
  • Reducing Premiums: Secure storage often leads to reduced risk in the eyes of insurers, which can translate into lower premiums for homeowners’ policies.
  • Compliance and Protection: Specific policies may dictate the use of a gun safe for securing firearms. This compliance ensures your firearms are eligible for insurance protection.
  • Financial Savings: Beyond the peace of mind and security, showing your insurer that your firearms are snug in a gun safe can lead to juicy discounts on your premiums. It’s a move that pays off, balancing the upfront investment in a safe with a long-term parade of savings.

Multi-functional Storage

Gun safes are designed to safeguard not only firearms but also other valuable items such as jewelry, important documents, and electronic devices. Their robust construction and security features make them ideal for a wide range of personal belongings.

And if you own a large gun safe, you won’t have capacity restrictions, which are a usual problem most safe owners face.

having a Heirloom to Pass Down

A high quality gun safe can very well become a heirloom, a gift you leave for your children or friends. Good gun safes are built to last. Made from tough materials and designed to withstand attempts at forced entry, as well as protect against fire and water damage, a good gun safe can last for generations.

As laws and regulations around firearm ownership evolve, having a reliable gun safe ensures that your future generations will also be able to comply with storage requirements.

Having Tax Deductions and Rebates

In some regions, buyers of gun safes can benefit from tax deductions or exemptions. Additionally, certain states or organizations might offer rebates for purchasing gun safes, further reducing the cost. Take Massachusetts for example.

Staying Ahead of Legislative Changes

Gun laws are evolving, with a trend towards stricter storage requirements. Owning a gun safe ensures you’re already compliant, avoiding the rush and expense of meeting new regulations at the last minute. You will be prepared for changes, ensuring your ability to legally own and enjoy your firearms isn’t disrupted.

Mental Health Protection

By securely storing firearms, gun safes can prevent impulsive decisions in moments of crisis. In a sort they offer a preventive measure against potential accidents or tragic decisions involving firearms.

And of course they serve a peace of mind anchor, as you will know that all you valuable items are secured all the time.

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