Remington 44+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe Review

Remington 44+6 Express Fireproof Gun Safe Review

The Remington 44+6 Express Fireproof Gun Safe stands out for its secure storage capabilities and added fireproof and water proof features. Which is a rare combination to have all at once in a single safe.

There are enough good fire resistant gun safes on the market. But this one surely deserves a closer look. Produced by Remington, a respected name in firearm manufacturing. 44+6 express series gun safe also offers exceptional warranty and a very competitive price.

Remington 44+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe - Front View
Remington 44+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe - Opened View
Remington 44+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe - With Guns inside

Safe Ratings:

Fireproof Rating0/10
Lock Mechanism0/10
Security Features0/10


  • 60-minute Fireproof rated at 1650°F
  • Strong 12-gauge steel construction
  • Waterproof for up to 7 days in 2 ft. of standing water
  • UL Rated electronic lock
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Limited color options
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Key Specifications

Key specs of Remington 44+6 Express Series Gun Safe

Fireproof Features

The fireproofing capabilities of the Remington 44+6 Express series safe are:

  1. Fireproof Rating: The safe has a fireproof rating for up to 60 minutes at temperatures reaching 1650°F. This rating is significant as it surpasses the standard fireproof ratings, offering enhanced protection against extreme temperatures.
  2. Certification: It is factory tested, so there's no UL certification status for this model.
  3. Protection Level: With its solid fireproof rating, the safe is designed to protect a variety of items, including firearms, important documents, and other valuables, from high-temperature exposure and fire damage.

Security Features

The Remington 44+6 Express Fireproof Gun Safe is equipped with several security features that enhance its protective capabilities:

  • 12-Gauge Steel Construction: The safe's body and door are made from durable 12-gauge steel, offering robust resistance against physical attacks.
  • Solid Steel Locking Bolts: It features twelve 1.5-inch thick steel bolts, including eight active and four deadbolts, providing a formidable barrier against forced entry.
  • Drill-Resistant Hard Plate: A specially designed plate protects the lock from drill attacks, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Internal Relocker: In case of tampering, the relocker activates, keeping the bolts locked in place.
  • Motion-Activated Interior Lighting: Enhances visibility and security, allowing for easy access and monitoring of safe contents in low light conditions.
  • Bolt-Down Kit: Includes a waterproof bolt-down kit, allowing for secure anchoring to prevent physical removal of the safe.
  • California DOJ Approval: The safe meets the stringent standards set by the California Department of Justice, indicating high levels of security and reliability.

Security Feature Summary:

Security FeatureDescription
12-Gauge Steel ConstructionHigh-strength material for enhanced durability
Solid Steel Locking BoltsTwelve 1.5” bolts for superior locking
Drill-Resistant PlateHardened plate for drill attack prevention
Internal RelockerSecures bolts in case of tampering
Motion-Activated LightingProvides visibility in low light
Bolt-Down KitEnsures safe remains anchored
California DOJ ApprovalMeets high security standards

Locking Mechanism

The Remington 44+6 Express fireproof gun safe's locking mechanism is one of it's strengths. This model comes with the advanced SecuRam UL Rated Electronic Lock. Here's a detailed look at its features:

Lock installed in Remington 44+6 Express Series Fireproof Gun Safe
Dual Code SystemManager and User Codes for layered security access
9 Volt Battery OperationReliable power source with long life
High Battery EfficiencyOver 10,000 openings per battery
Penalty LockOutSecurity feature against repeated incorrect entries
Factory Reset ButtonEasy reset to default settings
Easy Retrofit DesignStandard footprint for compatibility
SureLock Battery CompartmentSimplified battery replacement
Compatibility with SECURAMVersatile pairing with other lock bodies

Build Quality and Additional Features

The safe is constructed with 12-gauge industrial steel, providing a robust and durable framework. This material choice means a long-lasting strength and security. In addition to great build quality 44+6 express gun safe is packed with bonus features, that are hard to find with other brands.

Additional Features:

  • Interior Organization: Inside, the safe offers ample storage space, with features like the Zero-Sag™ top shelf, barrel rests, and adjustable side shelves. These elements not only enhance storage capacity but also ensure easy organization and accessibility of items.
  • Water Resistance: In addition to fireproof capabilities, the safe is designed to be waterproof for up to 7 days in 2 feet of standing water. This feature offers extra protection against natural disasters like floods.
  • Lighting and Power Options: Equipped with motion-activated LED lights, the safe provides excellent visibility in low light conditions. It also includes UL Rated dual power outlets and USB ports, adding convenience for charging devices or using electronic accessories within the safe.
  • Aesthetic and Finishing Touches: The safe's exterior is coated in a durable Express Black Satin Metallic Gloss powder coat finish, paired with a stylish 5-spoke chrome handle. The interior is fully carpeted, with shelving and barrel rests accented with embroidered vinyl trim, combining functionality with a sleek look.
  • Door Panel Organizer: A premium quilted vinyl pocket door organizer is integrated, offering additional storage options for handguns, documents, and other small items.
  • Damage Protection: Bolt-limiting pins are included to protect the exterior of the safe from cosmetic damage caused by open bolts.


The Remington 44+6 Express Fireproof Gun Safe comes with an arguably best in class Lifetime Warranty.

Lifetime Warranty by REMINGTON

The warranty extends to the entire safe, encompassing protection against theft, fire, natural floods, lock issues, parts, and paint.

Free Services: In case of a covered event, the warranty includes free freight shipping on replacement gun safes within the continental USA. Additionally, free locksmith services are provided if you ever get locked out of the safe.

Limitations to keep in mind: While the warranty is inclusive, it specifically excludes warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. It is limited to the safe itself and/or its value, not covering consequential damages, including the contents inside the safe.


The Remington 44+6 safe's price fairly reflects its quality and features. The safe is listed at a retail price of $3,189.99. This price point is set considering the safe's advanced fireproof and waterproof capabilities, robust build quality, and comprehensive security features.

Discounted Price at Authorized Dealer: A more favorable price of $2,239.99 is available through an authorized dealer, a link to which is provided in this review. This discounted price offers a more accessible option for those looking for high-quality security solutions without exceeding their budget.

Final Verdict

Is Remington 44+6 Express Fireproof Gun Safe any good?

Absolutely. Remington 44+6 (express series) fire and waterproof safe is a great product for those seeking a high-quality, secure, and durable storage solution. It achieves an excellent balance between advanced security features, robust construction, and value for money, making it a highly recommended choice for securing firearms and valuables.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

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