Gardall TL15-5022 Fireproof Commercial High Security Safe Review

Gardall TL15-5022 Commercial High Security Safe Review

The Gardall TL15-5022 Fireproof Commercial High Security Safe is designed for businesses that demand a high level of security, such as jewelry stores, banks, pawn shops, and corporate retail chains.

Securing valuable assets in commercial organizations poses additional challenges when compared to home security. Burglary attempts in these cases are often more organized and perpetrators are better equipped. That’s why you may need a more advanced security solution. TL15 and TL30 rated safes are the exact answer to these challenges. The Gardall TL15-5022 has passed the UL TL-15 test. So is this the right safe for you?

This review of the Gardall TL15-5022 Fireproof Commercial High Security Safe provides a detailed analysis of the safe. Understanding its capabilities will help you understand if this safe meets your specific security needs. We explain all the important features, construction, value for the money and performance.

Gardall TL15-5022 Fireproof Commercial High Security Safe
Gardall TL15-5022 Fireproof Commercial High Security Safe - Opened

Safe Ratings:

Fireproof Rating0/10
Lock Mechanism0/10
Security Features0/10


  • UL TL-15 Burglary Rating
  • Excellent security features
  • 1-Hour Fire Rating at 1850°F
  • Multiple Anti-Burglary Components
  • Fine build quality


  • Higher price range to non TL rated safes
  • 1890.00 lbs weight requires professional installation
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Key Specifications

To provide a clear understanding of the Gardall TL15-5022 Fireproof Commercial High Security Safe, here is a table outlining its key specifications:

DimensionsOutside: 55.00" H x 27.00" W x 27.75" D
Inside: 50.00" H x 22.00" W x 20.00" D
Weight1890.00 lbs
MaterialHigh Density Fiber and Barrier Materials
CapacityInterior Cubic Feet: 12.73
Fireproof Rating1 Hour at outside 1850°F, while interior temperature remains below 350°F
Lock TypeGroup II listed dial combination lock (standard)
Group 1R lock available at an upcharge
Digital Electronic Lock available as an upgrade

Fireproof Features

The Gardall TL15-5022 offers adequate fireproof capabilities for the safe of its caliber, which is crucial for protecting valuable items from fire damage. Here are its key fireproof features:

  • Fireproof Rating: The safe is fire tested to withstand extreme temperatures up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit. It effectively keeps the interior temperature below 350 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. This level of fire resistance ensures that contents remain safe during most fire scenarios.
  • UL Certification: The fireproof rating of this safe is decent, but it's important to note that it is not a UL certification for fire resistance. UL certification is often sought for validation of fire resistance capabilities.

Fireproofing is an integral feature, offering peace of mind that in the event of a fire, the contents of the safe have a high chance of remaining intact and unharmed. With this fireproof rating, the Gardall TL15-5022 is well-suited to protect a range of items from fire damage, including important documents, cash, jewelry and other heat-sensitive valuables.

Security Features

The Gardall TL15-5022 safe is designed with a variety of advanced security features, making it a formidable barrier against burglary and unauthorized access. TL-15 rating is not given away lightly after all. Here are the key security features:

  • UL TL-15 Burglary Rating: This safe has been tested and rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for its resistance to tool attacks. The TL-15 rating signifies that the safe can withstand a tool attack for up to 15 minutes, a standard recognized for high security in the industry.
  • Door Construction: The door is made with a 5.50" thick slab of high-density fiber-reinforced material. This robust construction provides a strong barrier against break-in attempts, significantly enhancing the safe's resistance to physical attacks.
  • Body Construction: The body features a 2.50" thick slab of high-density barrier material. This construction not only contributes to the safe's durability but also adds an extra layer of security against drilling and other forms of forced entry.
  • Cross Locking Relockers: These are security features that automatically engage to secure the safe if it detects an attack, such as drilling or excessive force. They provide an additional line of defense, making it significantly harder for unauthorized access.
  • Punch Resistant Spindle Handle and Lock: The lock and handle are designed to resist tampering and punching attempts, a common method used by burglars to compromise safes.
  • Tempered Glass Relocking Trigger: This is a security mechanism that activates additional locking bolts if the safe is subjected to an attack. The tempered glass shatters under stress, triggering the relockers, thus adding another layer of security.
  • Bridge Mounted Lock: This feature refers to the placement and installation of the lock, which is designed to be more resistant to tampering and forced entry.
  • 1-1/2" Formed Stainless Steel Locking Bar: Unlike traditional bolt locks, this locking bar provides enhanced pry resistance. Its design and material make it robust against attempts to force the door open.

Security Features Summary Table:

Security features of Gardall TL15-5022 Fireproof Commercial High Security Safe

Locking Mechanism

The Gardall TL15-5022 Commercial High Security safe is equipped with a robust locking system designed to provide maximum security.

Group 2 Mechanical Dial Sargent and Greenleaf used in Gardall Gardall TL15-5022 Fireproof Commercial High Security Safe
  1. Standard Locking Option: The safe comes standard with a Group II listed dial combination lock. This type of lock is known for its reliability and resistance to manipulation, offering over a million possible combinations.
  2. Additional Locking Options:
    • Group 1R Lock: Available at an additional cost, this lock provides an even higher level of security.
    • Digital Electronic Lock: As an upgrade, this lock offers convenient and quick access while maintaining high security standards.
  3. Lock Protection Features:
    • Tempered Glass Relocker: In the event of an attack, this relocker is triggered, locking all bolts in place.
    • Hardened Steel Plate: Protects the lock from drilling attempts, an essential feature in high-security safes.

Build Quality and Additional Features

The Gardall TL15-5022 fireproof safe is not only robust in its security aspects but also excels in build quality and additional features. Here's an overview:

  1. Build Quality:
    • Materials: The safe is constructed with high-density fiber-reinforced material and high-density barrier material for the door and body, respectively, ensuring durability and resistance to break-ins.
    • Hinges: Equipped with massive heavy-duty adjustable ball-bearing hinges, contributing to the safe's overall sturdiness and reliability in operation.
  2. Additional Features:
    • Fire Resistance: Rated for one hour at 1850°F, providing significant protection against fire damage.
    • Interior: Offers an interior cubic feet capacity of 12.73, accommodating a variety of items.
    • Adjustable Shelves: Includes two adjustable shelves, allowing for customizable storage space.
    • Finish and Design: The safe features a robust design with a focus on functionality. The specifics of the finish or aesthetic design details are not explicitly mentioned in the source.

This combination of high-quality construction and additional features makes the Gardall TL15-5022 an excellent choice for those seeking a durable, secure, and versatile safe.


The Gardall TL15-5022 comes with a limited warranty that adds an extra layer of confidence for the buyer. The safe is covered by a one-year limited warranty from Gardall. For the coverage scope and details of Additional Warranty for Fire you should ask the retailer selling the safe.


The pricing of the Gardall TL15-5022 Commercial High Security Safe is a crucial aspect for potential buyers to consider. Here's a breakdown:

  • Retail Price: The safe is listed at a retail price of $10,725.00.
  • Current Offer: It is currently available at a discounted price of $8,043.75.
  • Savings: This price represents a significant saving of $2,681.25, amounting to a 25.0% discount off the retail price.

This pricing positions the Gardall TL15-5022 as a high-end safe, reflecting its advanced security and fireproof features. The current discount offers a more accessible price point for businesses seeking a high-quality security solution without compromising on features and reliability.

Final Verdict

Is Gardall TL15-5022 Fireproof Commercial High Security Safe any good?

Yes, the Gardall TL15-5022 is extremely robust, high-quality safe, perfect for businesses that require advanced security and fire protection. While it carries a higher price tag, its features justify the investment for those who need top-tier security. The variety in locking options also caters to different security preferences.

The safe has achieved the UL TL-15 rating, which means it resists active specialized tool attacks for at least 15 minutes. On practice it means that the actual time the safe will remain intact may be much longer.

Overall Score: 8.25/10

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